USA – 2021

February 6, 2021 • Virtual SF & Chicago

Virtual Intro To Drum Circle Facilitation with John Yost and Jenni Swerdlow

11 AM – 3 PM PST (Pacific U.S.)/1 PM – 5 PM CT (Central U.S.)
Join a 4-hour virtual event to introduce and practice key elements of in-person drum circle event facilitation.
Details on the Village Music Circles Global Website

February 26-28,  2021  •  Myrtle Beach SC

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference

We hope you can join us for this 16th annual conference for drum circle facilitators at the Ocean Creak Resort in Myrtle Beach. The East Coast 6-day Playshop with Arthur Hull immediately follows this conference. Click on the link above for more details and registration.

March 1-6,  2021  •  Myrtle Beach SC

East Coast Drum Circle Facilitators Intensive (6-day)

This 6-day Intensive Training immediately follows the DCFG Conference. The fee is $850 plus Lodging at Ocean Creek Resort, which is an additional charge with the VMC special discount. Limited registration due to social distancing for Covid-19.

Registration  •  Contact VMC Office for Info

April 9-11,  2021  •  Seattle WA

Basic Drum Circle Facilitator Training (3-day)

Contact for Info: John Hayden

Registration • FB Event Info

August 6-15,  2021  •  Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii Mentor Experience  (10-day)

This Advanced Training with Jim Boneau and Arthur Hull is specifically for VMC Graduates who are ready to learn by leading. This 10-day leadership training is designed to strengthen Leadership and Facilitation skills by mentoring others through the week-long training process that follows the first 3-days of the training.

Registration  •  Contact VMC Office for Information

August 9-15,  2021  •  Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii DCFacilitators Intensive Training  (6-day)

This week-long training with Arthur Hull provides beginning and advanced Facilitators the skills needed to lead Rhythm-Based events for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. It is also a pre-requisite for the Mentor Experience and VMC-Certificaition.

Registration  •  Contact VMC Office for More Information