Camp Mokuleia for Registered Participants

Camp Mokuleia

Serene Hawaiian waters lap the shores of camp, where you will spend the week. Cooling trade winds keep the climate comfortable, and turtles can be spotted poking their noses above water to feed.

Camp Mokuleia is a church camp located in a beautiful setting on the edge of the water. You will immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of Island living, a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in a comfortable yet rustic camp setting.


Our double lodge rooms, most with ocean views, offer comfort and privacy with two single beds and a shared bathroom. While we strive to meet your needs, please remember that Camp Mokuleia is a rustic camp, not a hotel. Rest assured, we prioritize your safety and comfort above all else.


Campers will stay out in the field near the water, surrounded by trees. You must bring your own camping gear, tents, tarps, and sleeping bags.Make sure your gear is rain-tight, as we do get rain showers occasionally. A rustic shower facility is available.


Camp Mokuleia provides an abundance of basic wholesome meals. While meals are not gourmet, they include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as Vegetarian meals if you sign up for this option. Sometimes they serve greens from their own garden.  If you have special dietary needs, we recommend you bring extra food to meet those needs. You will have access to a refrigerator and a small kitchen.


We advise you to travel light and do not bring expensive equipment. Campers will be provided a secure place to keep valuables inside the lodge.

Camp Mokuleia Orientation

Locations & Activities

Familiarize yourself with these buildings and areas of the camp (from east to west):

1. Cabins: Not planned for use this year

2. Lodge: Sleeping quarters, small group breakout sessions, socializing

3. Chapel: Not planned for use this year

4. Dining Hall: Meals, large group sessions

5. Swimming Pool: OFF LIMITS
(unless otherwise announced)

6. Camp Office & Store: Miscellaneous sundries & souvenirs

7. Tent Camping: Camp in VMC
designated spaces

8. Fire Circle: Drum Circles! Daily gathering spot for program after breakfast & lunch (usually). Evening Jump Time drum circles, and the legendary late Night.

9. Altar: A place for quiet contemplation or quiet late night talk. It will be set up for us to add to over the week. More on this later.


• Call 911 in a medical emergency.

• Contact the Camp office or VMC
program staff to get more help.

Security & General Camp Conduct

1. This is not necessarily a secure environment, so don’t leave valuables lying around. Lock the doors to your rooms.

2. The area around the lodge and cabins is a “no drumming zone” unless part of an officially-organized activity. People will be napping from time to time throughout the day.

3. Drumming at the Fire Circle can (and does) go on all night.

4. Please stick to the meal plan you signed up for. Specially made vegetarian meals are limited in quantity, and can’t accommodate “situational vegetarians.”

5. Please respect that this is a church camp. Clothing is mandatory, not optional.
No open consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Drum Care & Security

1. If you are borrowing a drum from Village Music Circles, you will receive it at the beginning of the program, and turn it in at the end. Care for it as if it were your own!

2. Don’t leave your drum and other belongings at the circle when we’re not there. Carry them back to your room.

3. Keep natural skin drum heads out of the sun. Cover them up, or tip the drum over so the head isn’t directly in the sun.

4. Be careful not to get sand under the rings.

camp mokuleia map