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Facilitators Immersion Playshop Session Descriptions

Facilitators Immersion Playshop Session Descriptions

Playshop Session Descriptions Here are some of the NEW program sessions we’re planning at the 2016 Hawaii Facilitators Immersion Playshop.  Check out the Week’s Schedule at this link. Click here for full Playshop information Sessions with Arthur Hull: Rhythmical Alchemy Games & Activities Each morning, Arthur will reach deep into his enormous assortment of rhythm… Continue Reading

Transition Points — In Life and with VMC

In this post: Hawaii Playshop – NEW for 2016 Train-the-Trainer in development 2016 Tour Calendar Hello My Friends, The life of someone who is consciously moving forward on a chosen path is one that is always in transition, as they move forward through their Dharma/Karma. If you are a dedicated rhythm event facilitator, this statement… Continue Reading

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