Hawaii Facilitators Playshop 2017


The 2017 Hawaii 6-day FRAP, "Facilitators Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop," will be a life-changing experience for anyone attending.

This all-encompassing Rhythm Game Playshop provides beginning and experienced facilitators and recreational drumming enthusiasts with over 60 hours of drum circle games, peer-led workshops, jump-time practice and many extra hours of late-night drumming on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The program is packed with all kinds of rhythm activities and games that you can adapt and use with the people you serve. You will learn drum, percussion, and vocal games that can be adapted to all populations from school assemblies, to corporate programs and drum circles. Group movement games and theater improvisation will also be included.

This year's Hawaii Playshop is "Family-Friendly" and we are opening up our Lodge to your family members. We also have other discounts and a limited number of scholarships available. See our Fees & Details page for lodging information.

Attending the week-long Hawaii FRAP will connect you to a supportive international community of participants from many countries. Our week of community learning will help you develop your facilitation repertoire, inspire creativity, and build the foundation for new and growing friendships that will span the globe and last a lifetime.

And then there’s all the amazing music that we make together that we enjoy the most!  We’ll fill ourselves with the magic of improvisational community music-making, including our legendary “Late Night” un-facilitated sessions. Aaaah!

Although this is not a drum circle facilitator training program, the foundational basics of rhythm event facilitation will be covered during the FRAP program.

Whether you are new to rhythm event facilitation, or an experienced pro... Whether this is your first Hawaii Playshop or your 10th, Hawaii FRAP 2017 will be the best place on the planet to advance your skills, replenish your inspiration, expand your network, propel your profession, and drum, drum, DRUM in the tropical sun!


There is no requirement of graduating from a previous VMC Playshop for you to attend this FRAP.

Who should attend the 6-day Hawaii FRAP?

School teachers, Music therapists, Music & Drum teachers, Recreational drummers, Corporate trainers, Special-needs facilitators and anyone ready to give themselves a “Rhythmacation" and a life-changing experience.

The Hawaii FRAP format will incorporate our most beloved aspects of the VMC Hawaii experience, and offers an eclectic mix of rhythm games and teaching segments to appeal to facilitators of all levels.

At the VMC Hawaii 2017 Facilitators Playshop, you will:

  • Learn a mass of group rhythm games and activities for all kinds of populations
  • Boost your rhythmical abilities and drumming skills
  • Practice your in-circle facilitation skills and take them to the next level
  • Make inspiring new friends and connections in our worldwide “rhythm family”
  • Learn from experienced peers, and expand your professional vision
  • Replenish your passion on this “Rhythmacation” at Camp Mokuleia, a magical setting of tropical breezes, ocean waves, and blessed land on Oahu’s North Shore

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CEUs for Music Therapists

Earn 45 credits for the Hawaii 6-day training. Village Music Circles' courses are approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Village Music Circles (Provider #P-062) maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. Details here.

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Here's What We Will Do:

  • Rhythmical Alchemy Games — practical activities for all populations
  • Program and rhythm game design for specific populations
  • Game facilitation concepts & practice
  • Peer-led afternoon workshops
  • Jump-Time facilitation practice
  • Facilitation as path for personal growth
  • Find the 'Whole/Hole' drum meditation
  • Rhythm Church with chimes & gongs
  • Off-the-charts, free form Late Night drumming


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Arthur has facilitated only two 6-day (Full Monty), Rhythmical Alchemy Playshops in his lifetime.

Both were magic moments in the lives of all the participants who attended. This program will be the third 6-day Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop he has presented in his long career as a rhythmical evangelist. Come join us on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii and make it a magic moment in your lifetime!

Whether you use drumming in education, health & wellness, rehabilitation, elder care, organizational development, or community-building, you’ll gain broader skills and a deeper understanding of all aspects of rhythm event facilitation. 


Group Rhythm Facilitation

  • Gain and reinforce understanding of drum circle concepts and methods
  • Expand your facilitation tool kit with games, activities, and more games!
  • Adapt games for different populations
  • Build skills to enhance a circle’s musicality through pitch, tempo, timbre, and more
  • Practice, practice, practice — leading games and facilitating in-circle


  • Deepen personal understanding and confidence about rhythm
  • Improve drumming skills and sense of rhythm in your body
  • Discover a variety of musical styles, forms and instruments
  • Open your channels for musical improvisation
  • Experience deep-groove, in-the-moment music-making like never before!

Advanced Facilitation

  • Learn new ideas from experienced facilitators
  • Jump in and stretch yourself in a supportive environment
  • Learn ways to facilitate success before and after the circle
  • Exchange ideas and advice to handle challenging situations
  • Apply facilitation concepts to enhance your business and life

Professional Application

  • Explore program designs for different populations
  • Hear and share inspiring stories from around the world
  • Expand and clarify your vision for this work
  • Make connections for continuing support and collaboration
  • CEU credits available for select professions

Hawaii 2017 Teacher / Facilitator

Arthur Hull

ArthurBellFounder of Village Music Circles, and author of 4 books on the subject, Arthur Hull travels world-wide teaching drum circle facilitation playshops in 15 countries.  Arthur has taught thousands of people the art of rhythm facilitation, creating a ripple-effect of connection, well-being, and happiness that has enhanced the lives of  millions.


Experience the Uplifting Power of Rhythm!