Facilitator Intensive Training


“It was great to see the confidence of people rise, as well as their ability to work with the circle... people definitely experienced a life changing event.”

—Keith Russell, Coordinator of Employee Development,
University of Kansas

Week-Long Intensive Drum Circle Facilitation Training
Build Your Community Through Rhythm!

Village Music Circles™ 6-day Facilitators Intensive Training provides beginning and advanced Facilitators the skills needed to lead Rhythm-Based events for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. This week-long experience will immediately connect facilitators to a supportive international community while providing extensive opportunities to learn and develop facilitation skills in a safe environment. Participants of all levels will receive peer, mentor and advanced Facilitator support. This week goes beyond the weekend training with the presentation of more techniques, developing style, increasing depth, and extensive practical experience.

Program Content

During this week-long intensive VMC provides 50 hours of learning activities. Participants receive extensive practice in the facilitation techniques needed to lead a drum circle or rhythm event for a variety of populations and group sizes.

The program format will include group instruction and discussions combined with small group break-out exercises that reinforce the learning of the foundational facilitation elements presented. Exercises are taught sequentially so as to become progressively more complex as the facilitators’ skills develop throughout the week.

Participants experience multiple small group activities using movement, voice, musical instruments, and improvisational rhythm games.

Peer group and mentor leaders offer critique and feedback, which are a important part of the learning process.  More time is given for individual attention, critiques, and skills building.

Week-Long Intensive includes extensive opportunities to freely experiment during the exciting and challenging free-form community “jump-time!” – Jump-time offers many hours of learning fun, practicing and exploring new skills in a supportive environment.

Week-Long Intensive provides opportunities for networking with international Facilitators of all experience levels and professional backgrounds.

This 6-day Facilitators Intensive Training utilizes the Drum Circle Facilitation Techniques developed by Arthur Hull and is offered through the Hawaii Facilitators’ Playshop annually, as well as other locations around the world as available. For details, see the VMC Event Calendar.



Required Text

Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm
by Arthur Hull