Mentor and Challenge Trainings

What is the difference between the
Mentor and Challenge Trainings?

Mentor training are leadership trainings for people whom have completed extensive training in VMC facilitation, have developed a professional career in rhythm event facilitation and, as a result, have taken on the responsibility of eldership in the communities that they have built.

The Village Music Circles Mentor leadership training is only done on “Some” 6 day Facilitator Playshop trainings And takes a full 10 days to compleate.

Mentor trainings have always been included in the full Hawaii and full Scotland Playshops and this year it will also be included in the upcoming full Japan Playshop.

But there will not be a Mentor program overlapping the 6 Day Germany program schedule as part of the 2015 fall Europe tour, nor was it included as a part of last years East Coast 6 day Playshop.

The Mentor programs are only done when I can get Jim Boneau to the program to instigate, “at least,” the first four days of the mentor if not the whole 10 day processes. Its is his baby.

I may have recognized the need and started the Mentor trainings in the VMC full Playshops, but in the process of mentoring and coaching me as we developed the village Music Circle Playshops, (Along with Mary Tolina), Jim has naturally become the lead trainer in the Mentor programs, and rightfully so. I don’t do Mentor programs without him.

After working with Jim in developing the VMC Mentor trainings for over 16 years we have a full complement of “Iceberg,” leadership and mentoring exercises to choose from. If we did them all in one training, it would last 1/2 a month.

The Challenge program is a whole other animal.

The Facilitators Challenge is a technical facilitation tasking program that helps you play and facilitate on the edge of your experience and knowledge. It overlaps all 3 and 6 day programs taught around the world, regardless if there is a Mentor program or not.

The Facilitator Training is designed for VMC graduates who are actively using VMC’s technologies in their programs. Facilitators are challenged and tasked with a variety of experiences designed to enhance and further deepen their skills.

Networking with peer facilitators at a Challenge program offer opportunities to learn new program techniques, facilitation strategies and business development. During the course of the program the Challenge facilitator trainees are tasked to demonstrate specific techniques and lead small group exercises.

The overlapping Facilitators Challenge Training format has been successfully tested and fine tuned all over the world. It is now integrated into all of VMC’s drum circle facilitation trainings and into some of the FRAP trainings, (Facilitators Rhythmical Alchemy Playshops).

We do not use the word “Advanced” in describing the Facilitators Challenge Playshop, or call it an advanced program.

Many people have issues concerning what constitutes an “Advanced” facilitator. The question that was constantly asked was “Am I good enough, or advanced enough?” My answer is “We are all Good enough.”

The levels of intermediate and/or advanced participants does not matter in VMC Challenge programs. That is because I have created a program that challenges each individual at the edge of their own learning and experience while giving them plenty of “Self Tasking Jump Time” opportunities.

The criteria that has to be met to attend the Village Music Circles Facilitators Challenge program are;

1. You have to have graduated from at least three day VMC Facilitators Playshop. A RAP does not count.

2. You have to be actively involved in drum circle or rhythm event facilitation on a regular bases.