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Village Music Circles brings rhythm-based events, trainings and experiences to organizations and communities worldwide.

Village Music Circles is dedicated to facilitating human potential and building strong communities unified through the joyful experience of music.

Village Music Circles embodies the pioneering vision of Arthur Hull. Through ground breaking work and a life-long dedication, Arthur Hull has defined the techniques, tools and community spirit that make rhythm accessible to everyone.


Due to the worldwide Coronavirus issues, VMC has cancelled several trainings this year. We will keep you posted when it is clear that we are able to offer our Playshops and Trainings again. We are checking our emails weekly and will respond if necessary. Wishing you all blessings for great health, peace and patience during this changing year.

August 22, 2020

4 Hour Drum Circle Facilitator Intro (Virtual)
Contact for Info: John Hayden
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September 26  •  Charlotte NC

Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation Seminar (1-day)

Ashley Tisdale presents this Village Music Circles™ 1-day Intro Seminar of drum circle basic techniques. Details on our US Calendar page

November 6, 7 & 8, 2020

3 -Day Drum Circle Facilitator Training
Contact for Info: John Hayden
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The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation Video

Arthur Hull explains the video in 5 parts with Video Segments for each part. START HERE.

Intro to Art of Drum Circle Facilitation video thumbnail

Or watch the entire video HERE.

Artur Hull in China 2019

How the World Connects Through Rhythm

By Arthur Hull | August 14, 2020

Arthur is interviewed by Jim Donovan What’s a “drum circle” really like? Jim talks with award-winning rhythm ambassador, author, and world-renowned music facilitator, Arthur Hull. Arthur travels the world inspiring community building and self-development through drumming. His Village Music Circles program now has 35 certified facilitators working in 22 countries. Jim and Arthur discuss how…

Arthur Hull and Jim Donovan Talk Drumming and Connection July 2020

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I have hundreds of drums for use in my corporate and conference drum circle event business called Village Music Circles.

Twenty-five years ago, all of my drums were natural wood and natural skin head drums. Because of the wear-and-tear on the wooden drums through constant shipping and use, I had to maintain a workshop to repair broken drum shells and heads. As I began to replace my broken wooden drums with REMO drums, I was able to close down my repair workshop.

Because of the durability of the REMO’s Acousticon® shells and Mylar® heads, repairing REMO drums is not an issue. They just don't break! REMO drums are kid-proof and drunk-executive-proof.

Now over 90% of my drums are REMO. In this picture you see me with the many variety of REMO drums that I use. Some of the drums you see in this picture are over 20 years old and are still ticking. The durability of my REMO drums have paid for my investment over and over again…. Arthur Hull

View my profile page on the REMO Facilitator Finder