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Arthur Hull has shared the joy of rhythm with communities worldwide for over 40 years. He defined, published, and continues teaching the techniques, tools, and community-building principles that make rhythm facilitation accessible to everyone. Through Village Music Circles, Arthur pioneered the way for bringing rhythm events into businesses, universities, schools, and communities globally. Village Music Circles has trained over 15,000 facilitators worldwide. Today, VMC™ certified Global Trainers are also spreading the message of community building around the globe.


The Village Music Circles Global Team aims to establish a safe setting that promotes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, devoid of any form of discrimination. Here, everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and each individual's contribution is valued, heard, and supported. Our inclusive environment fosters growth, community integration, strength, and vitality while playing music together.

Rhythm Church - An Interactive Sound Emersion Meditation

Rhythm Mandala with many instruments

The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation Video

Arthur Hull explains the video in 5 parts here

Intro to Art of Drum Circle Facilitation video thumbnail

VMC Global Trainer Team