Hawaii Facilitators’ Playshop

Hello My Friends,

Imagine the wind blowing across your face, the sun shining in your eyes, and the sounds of the ocean and a tightly connected groove in your ears. As the circle plays a deep Late Night groove, one of the players stops, sets their drum to the side, stands up and walks slowly and intentionally into the middle of the circle. She stops in the center, faces her chair, closes her eyes, and then slowly turns around, hoping to stop while pointing at the exact spot she had just left, before she opens her eyes. She is Finding the Whole or the Hole in the circle. You can think of it and spell it in both ways, or W(hole). It is one of the most beloved and meaningful exercises and experiences created in our annual VMC Hawaii Drum Circle Facilitators Playshop.

This year, just like last year, the w(hole) is not in the Hawaii circle, but in our hearts as we have to postpone another year’s playshop because of Covid restrictions.

There will be a 10 Day Playshop and Mentor experience in Hawaii in 2022. But the w(hole) in our heart this year has inspired Jim Boneau and Arthur Hull to call our community together for learning, laughter, insights, and connections. We are inspired to re-imagine what and how the Village Music Circles community can showcase, create dialog, and facilitate human potential in the virtual world.

Village Music Circles is proud to announce
a Hawaii Week Drum Circle Facilitation

What’s a Summit-A-Ganza? The Summit will feature Arthur and thought-leaders from the DCF world as they provide insights into trends, skills, and stories relevant to drum circle facilitation today.

And… it’s an Extravaganza celebrating the fun times, spirit, and deep connection so many have to gathering in community in Hawaii through the years. This is more than a walk through memory lane, this is paving the way for Drum Circle Facilitation in the future.

Each day we will spend two hours on a different subject that pertains to our job descriptions as Rhythm Event Facilitators and our mission as Rhythm Care Givers.

VMKC Summit-A-Ganza

The ticket price for attending the Hawaii week has three tiers:

  • The Regular Ticket price is $60
  • The Supporting Community price is $75
  • The Supported by Community price is $45

After the event, recordings will be made available to those who register.

We hope to see you all there..

Jim and Arthur

woman holding rainbow on Hawaii beach

Each session will include:

  • panel discussions
  • interactive breakout activities
  • and inspirational presentations by members of our VMC Global Facilitator Training family.

All sessions will start at 11:30 Pacific Standard Time, except the international Global seminar that will start at 1AM in the morning of the 14th.

The program Schedule

Wednesday, August 11th

“Expand your Facilitator Skills”

With Christine Stevens

Becoming a well rounded facilitator & and the Joys of Co-Facilitation


Thursday, August 12th

“Awakening to Source”

With Sule Greg Wilson

Exploring Drum Circle lineage


Friday, August 13th

“Innovation Inspiration: Facilitation for the Next Generation”

With Abby Green-Bull, Lucas Coffey, Phil Didlake, Rhonwyn Hagedorn

The ongoing evolutionary process of Drum Circle Facilitation

Saturday, August 14th @ 1AM - A Global Session at a Global Time (this session begins at 1AM Pacific time in the US so we can have Asian and European facilitators leading together)

The Potential Impact of Rhythm Event Facilitation on the world today

With a panel of international VMC Global Trainers

Vasundhara Das & Roberto Narain - India

Paul Dear & Dr Jane Bentley - UK

Benjamim Flohr - Germany

Filippo Harshil Chiostri - Italy

Young-Hun Song - Korea

Tomoko Tomtom Yokota - Japan


Sunday, August 15th

The Evolutionary changes in Village Music Circles

With Jim Boneau & Arthurian Elf

Letter from Arthur,

I am sorry to announce that we will  have to postpone our 25th Hawaii Playshop for the second year in a row.

Even though August MIGHT be on the cusp of us getting us back to normal, and even though we already have people registered for the program, there are just too many mitigating elements floating around that we do not have control over.

The State of Hawaii has announced that they will move up to tier #4 restrictions soon, (allowing 25 or less to gather), but the 25 participant limit doesn’t meet our business model for producing that event.

They may eventually move the tier restrictions up to level #5 before August. But as we need outreach and logistics preparation time for producing our program, it is a speculative conjecture that we literally can not afford to take.

Im am sure that between now and next Hawaii Playshop there will be plenty of VMC 3-Day DCFacilitator playshops held on this small planet by our VMC Certified Global trainers.

Hawaii 2022 wil be quite the blow out...

2022 Dates to be announced.

Facilitated by Arthur Hull & Jim Boneau

View from our open air classroom
Jim Boneau

6-Day Basic Facilitators' Intensive

The Basic Intensive offers beginning and advanced Drum Circle Facilitators the skills to lead rhythm-based events for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. This week-long experience will immediately connect facilitators to a supportive international community while providing extensive opportunities to learn and develop facilitation skills in a safe environment. Participants of all levels will receive peer, mentor and advanced Facilitator support. This week goes beyond our weekend training with the presentation of more techniques, developing style, increasing depth, and extensive practical experience.

Click here for details....

Facilitators Handshake 554x354

Come to Hawaii!

Attending VMC's week-long Hawaii Facilitators' Intensive will connect you to a supportive international community of participants from many countries. Our week of community learning will help you develop your facilitation repertoire, inspire creativity, and build the foundation for new and growing friendships that will span the globe and last a lifetime.

And then there’s all the amazing music that we make together that we enjoy the most!  We’ll fill ourselves with the magic of improvisational community music-making, including our legendary “Late Night” un-facilitated sessions. Aaaah!

Whether you are new to rhythm event facilitation, or an experienced pro... Whether this is your first Hawaii Playshop or your 10th, the 2020 Hawaii Facilitators Intensive Training will be the best place on the planet to advance your skills, replenish your inspiration, expand your network, propel your profession, and drum, drum, DRUM in the tropical sun!

The Facilitators' Intensive provides opportunities for networking with international Facilitators of all experience levels and professional backgrounds.


CEUs for Music Therapists

Earn 45 credits for the Hawaii 6-day training. Village Music Circles' courses are approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Village Music Circles (Provider #P-062) maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. Click here for Details.

10-Day Mentor Experience

Advanced Leadership Facilitation  •  Community Mentoring

Facilitated by Jim Boneau & Arthur Hull

The Mentor Experience integrates expanded theory and advanced Drum Circle Facilitation practice as Mentors turn their practical skills into leadership experience.

Beginning with a Mentors-only weekend retreat, we bring our leadership community together. With Trainer oversight, Mentors will be assigned a small group of Facilitators to mentor through the Basic Facilitators' Intensive. Mentors will be instructed in specific process facilitation techniques that are essential to problem solving, communication and community building. Mentor meetings will take place to help process and facilitate the leadership experience.

Throughout the week, mentors will continue strengthening and enhancing their own DCF techniques, as they guide others through the learning process. Mentors receive critique and evaluation from senior Facilitators while receiving feedback from their mentor and peer groups.

For more details about the Mentor Experience, click here.

Village Music Circles Certification

For those Mentors ready to become VMC-Certified; the Mentor training provides a vehicle for achieving important requirements of the certification process. Click here for more about VMC Certification.

What Happens in Hawaii...


Group Rhythm Facilitation

  • Gain and reinforce understanding of drum circle concepts and methods
  • Expand your facilitation tool kit with games, activities, and more games!
  • Adapt games for different specific populations
  • Build skills to enhance a circle’s musicality with pitch, tempo, timbre, etc
  • Practice, practice, practice — leading games and facilitating in-circle


  • Deepen personal understanding and confidence about rhythm
  • Improve drumming skills and sense of rhythm in your body
  • Discover a variety of musical styles, forms and instruments
  • Open your channels for musical improvisation
  • Experience deep-groove, in-the-moment music-making like never before!

Advanced Facilitation

  • Learn new ideas from experienced facilitators
  • Jump in and stretch yourself in a supportive environment
  • Learn ways to facilitate success before and after the circle
  • Exchange ideas and advice to handle challenging situations
  • Apply facilitation concepts to enhance your business and life

Professional Application

  • Explore program designs for different populations
  • Hear and share inspiring stories from around the world
  • Expand and clarify your vision for this work
  • Make connections for continuing support and collaboration
  • CEU credits available for select professions

Hawaii Teachers / Facilitators

Jim Boneau

Jim Boneau is a facilitator, teacher, speaker and coach who has a passion for igniting leaders and professionals who are committed to the development of others. In 2000, after achieving success in corporate America, Jim participated in his first VMC Hawaii Playshop. He was so inspired from that experience that he left corporate America to embark on a journey to find his own authentic voice. Jim has discovered that the learning from drum circle facilitation training goes far beyond his skills in a drum circle.

Arthur Hull

ArthurBellFounder of Village Music Circles, and author of four books on the subject, Arthur Hull has traveled worldwide teaching drum circle facilitation playshops in 34 countries. Arthur has taught thousands of people the art of rhythm facilitation, creating a ripple-effect of connection, well-being, and happiness that has enhanced the lives of millions.