Music Education

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Village Music Circles™ Music Education through Facilitation Trainings and Rhythmical Playshops empowers teachers and educators to use rhythm and drum circle music to get students connected, motivated and involved. Breath new life into your classroom or group through interactive, energizing rhythm experiences. Village Music Circles trainings give educators powerful new tools to integrate music education and expressive arts into a learning curriculum.  Learn how you can inspire community building through the classroom, into the school and beyond.

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Develop an active experiential approach to music education utilizing the whole person in a community context. Village Music Circles will train you to facilitate learners through creative processes using rhythm and music. Music Educators and Teachers will discover a unique experience that achieves national music education objectives and can be applied to all student levels from K-12.

Village Music Circles programs stimulate a non-competitive, natural response to rhythm and music while creating a sense of inclusion among students. A respect for diversity develops and a profound experience of community building is achieved.

Music Education

  • Facilitate interactive rhythm experiences for the classroom, shool, community;
  • Motivate! Empower! Connect through rhythm!– Groups of all demographics;
  • Achieve National Standards For Music Education through a fun community building activity.