Continuing Education

— Keith Russell

"The Playshop was an incredible happening, and regardless of the experience  level we came with we were all embraced equally and encouraged to develop to the next level. During the Playshop we observed people at all levels "modeling" facilitation behaviors, and practiced our own style and techniques--all in a very supportive environment."

Continuing Education Credits

Most VMC trainings offer Continuing Education credits for Music Therapists, Teachers and Nurses…


Music Therapists

woman-cowbellMusic Therapists earn 20 hour credits of continuing education for 3-day weekend trainings and 45 hour credits for our 6-day week-long trainings. Village Music Circles' courses (opportunities) are approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. The Village Music Circles, Approved Provider number P-062, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. CMTE credits may not be awarded to participants for partial attendance. Participants must be present for all instructional time during the training. Certificates of Completion are to be distributed after participants have been present for the stated number of hours and have met all evaluation requirements.


• $65 per 3-day Training (20 hour credits)

• $80 per 6-day Training (45 hour credits)

Please Note:  We require a minimum of two Music Therapists per training who request CMTE credits.


Teachers & Nurses

Teachers may self-register for professional development units through Brandman University. The units are graduate elective units designed for professional advancement and are not part of a degree program. You may elect to take one unit for a weekend course or three units for a week-long course. It is the responsibility of the participant to seek approval from the appropriate district or college officials before enrolling in this course to satisfy degree, state credential or local school district requirements. These are semester units. VMC will provide you with a Completion Certificate, after full attendance for colleges2the stated number of hours per training. VMC will add a $40 processing fee to all requests for CEUs.

Please notify us of your request for Continuing Education credits upon registering online.