Schools K-12

“Conference participants became immersed in the beat, rhythm, and message that your musical activity conveyed: cooperation and community. Between Village Music Circles workshops and the group entertainment you provided during opening and closing sessions, most of the 1,500 people who attended the two day conference were able to make ‘music’.”

—Kathy Grant, Executive Director - California Association of Peer Programs


“Participants leave with an understanding lodged deep in their cells that has no words. Your ability to communicate the concepts of rhythm and community building through your stories and sounds is both powerful and humorous.”

—Nancy Bader, Conference Coordinator National Training Associates


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Kids just want to have fun! In bringing the Village Music Circles™ experience directly to schools, we create a high energy kids activity that provides immediate gratification and feedback while encouraging self expression and self esteem through cooperation, contribution, and musical communication. We bury any message you want to deliver inside a fun, Village Music Circles™ activity that experientially and kinesthetically demonstrates specific principals of success.

Village Music Circles™ uses the most basic and simple principles of the drum as a tool for unity within the school environment. The spirit and magic of drums, percussion and rhythm reach all ages, sexes, religions, races and cultures. Whether the purpose of your program is educational, inspirational or community building, using Village Music Circles™ will rapidly eliminate social barriers while creating a fun and dynamic environment that will ensure success.

Through rhythmic communication, Village Music Circles™ provides a hands-on experience that exemplifies direct, immediate action and result. As a model for educators and an experience for children, a Village Music Circles™ event demonstrates the effects of action and interaction using auditory, kinesthetic and visual modalities to enhance communication, encourage cooperation and stimulate quality peer relationships.

Kids at Risk

There are 15 million at-risk kids in America today. A rhythm-based event is a natural way to provide a young person with an opportunity to creatively channel and release the pent-up emotions and frustrations that often accompany the process of growing up. Village Music Circles™ facilitators are nationally known by government drug rehabilitation organizations for their excellent work with this special population.

Teacher's Conferences

Village Music Circles offers dynamic opening ceremonies at education conferences and teachers associations. With a Village Music Circles rhythm event, teachers and conference attendees will experience for themselves the power, the impact and the fun of a Village Music Circles™ rhythm experience. More information on conferences.

Teacher’s Trainings

Village Music Circles™ provides education professionals unique trainings through experiential rhythm "Playshops". Here, both non-musicians and musicians alike learn the techniques and orchestration skills to use rhythm as a tool to motivate and inspire students while building community in the class room. More information on music education.