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A Little History...

remo-logo_Blk_transbackIn the late 1980s Remo Di’Belli heard about this guy, Arthur Hull, who was teaching wildly popular drum classes at UCSC and on It’s Beach near Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California. One weekend, Remo paid a visit to Arthur in Santa Cruz. Remo attended Arthur’s classes and was moved and inspired by what he experienced. As a visionary, Remo instinctively understood that through Arthur's drum circles, he was witnessing the roots of a movement that in time, was going to grow and develop into something much larger.

Remo Di’Belli returned to his company inspired, and developed a new line of World Percussion instruments.

Arthur was brought into REMO as a product consultant and developer. He was the first REMO Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator. Arthur's design consultation and skill at inspiring community helped REMO to develop new product and inspired REMO to initiate recreational music making and protocol-based trainings for health and wellness.

Through Arthur's Drum Circle Facilitation Playshops and Trainings, the profession of the Drum Circle Facilitator began and REMO's Health Rhythms was developed. Today, most of REMO’s endorsed Facilitators and many of Health Rhythms trained Facilitators have also been trained and inspired by Arthur Hull and Village Music Circles.

REMO Sponsorship

REMO has generously sponsored Village Music Circle’s™ Playshops & Trainings throughout the world. REMO is dedicated to supporting artists and communities who are actively using rhythm for well-being, education and recreation.

REMO Signature Endorsee

Remo-2As a Signature Series Endorsee, Arthur Hull designs many of the REMO World Percussion Drums used in Village Music Circle’s™ events and for sale. REMO World Percussion generously contributes drums and percussion for many of Village Music Circle’s community events. Arthur Hull instrument designs include the Nesting Drum, Sound Shapes, Djun-Djun, Talking Drum and African Ashiko. Check out Arthur Hull instrument designs.

REMO Endorsed Facilitator

As REMO’s first Endorsed Facilitator, Arthur Hull frequently facilitates national and international REMO sponsored events. Arthur can be found annually at the NAMM  and PASIC drum industry trade shows; as well as at professional conferences for Music Therapy, ORFF and many others.

Find out more about Arthur Hull Endorsement and Arthurian Drum Designs at: Arthur Hull/REMO.