One-Day Seminar

One-Day Seminar: Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation

The purpose of this 1-day “Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation” is designed to deliver enough information and experience so that participants can successfully facilitate a drum circle using basic techniques, and to give you a window into the vast world of possibilities that the art of drum circle facilitation offers.

For further drum circle facilitation development and in depth training, attend the next upcoming 3-day DCF Playshop in your area, or VMCGlobal 6-day Playshops


Drum circles are a wonderful way to bring community together, no matter what age or background. You can use a drum circle to celebrate an accomplishment, to reflect on a theme, reinforce a concept, and much more. It is a great tool for creating connections within a group, by building a sense of community and common purpose, and for the individuals within the group by connecting them with their unique gifts, both musical and non-musical.

The drum circle is a safe and playful place for people to explore their own unique creativity, support each other and build a sense of community at the same time. All that AND we get to have lots of fun playing music together!

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