Corporate Client List


Village Music Circles Clients Include:


ADC Wireless


American Presidents Line

Anthem Electronics

Apple Computer

Arthur Andersen

Avalon Bay Community

Bank of America

Beta Systems

Bethlehem Steel

Blanchard Training

Bristol Meyers Squibb

Calgary Co-Operative Assn.

California Assn. of Peer Programs

Canadian National Defense Dept.

Canadian Public Works Dept.

Carlson Marketing

Catalyst Consulting Team

Cisco Systems



Comp Drug

Computer Curriculum

CSC Index

Cub Scouts of America

Cygnet Systems

Dell Computer Application Group

Electronic Equipment Company

Family Circle Magazine

Farm Credit Services of America

General Electric


GS Roofing


Interlink Computer Sciences

Jack Morton & Company

Kaiser Permanente


Knowledge Resources

Levi Strauss

Lucent Technologies

MacWorld iWorld

McCall’s Magazine


Mead Johnsons




National Stove Association

National Training Associates


Organizational Development Network

Pacific Bell


Performance Dynamics Group

Regis McKenna

Samsung Austin Semi-Conductor

Shell Oil

Silicon Graphics

Smithsonian Magazine

Southern California Edison


St. Anthony Hospital

St. James Hospital

St. Margaret Mercy Hospital

Stanford Telecom

Sun Microsystems


Tandem Computer

Telecom Australia


U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Venture Up

Wall Street Journal

Western Micro Technologies

World Disc Productions

Zimmer-Glaxco Pharmaceuticals

What People Say about Village Music Circles

Hewlett-Packard Company
“Aside from being just plain fun, your unique approach was the single most effective team building experience I have ever participated in. The pay back on your work continues to be visible.”

—Terry Pierce, Roseville Networks Division, Manufacturing Manager

Viking Office Products
“We never imagined we would so fully accomplish our goal. This is by far the best team-building exercise I have seen. You transformed a group of individual Viking managers into one synergistic team.”

—Barbara Press, Director of Training

The Healthcare Forum: Leadership Strategies For Healthcare
“Without a doubt, this was one of the most challenging, dynamic and forward-thinking programs we have been able to create for our members. We are thrilled with the openness and opportunity that it has created for us to travel down new paths with our members.”

—Keith McCandless, Director of Quality

Lucent Technologies
“Arthur is exuberance personified and will make any corporate team building event not only effective but extremely memorable.”

—Suzanne H. Klepac, Project Director, Change Management

Levi Strauss
“The experience was valuable on many levels. As my group reviewed the session the next day there were many comments about how fun it was, but they also commented on how they experienced both personal and professional growth.”

—Gevenie M. Delsol, Director, Business Communications

Sun Microsystems
“I wanted to thank you for adding such an enjoyable, as well as educational experience to our recent Team Building Day. It was a successful event that will be remembered for years to come.”

—William B. Hodgins, Regional Director, Southern California Region

Granite Rock
“Your approach to team building and the success we realized across branch and divisional lines was tremendous.”

—Keith J. Severson, Marketing Services Manager

TeamOne Systems, Inc.
“All of us in the TeamOne village keep making references to using the right brain, listening to the pulse, and keeping the beat. I know you generally give these team building sessions for larger companies, but I feel it works extremely well for smaller companies too. It gives everyone a real meaning of how to work with cooperation.”

—Kirk Norlin, Director, Corporate Communications

Center For Professional Development
“I was particularly thankful for your flexibility of being able to take a brief overview from me of what I was trying to accomplish for the entire course, as well as daily objectives, and select most appropriate movement and musical activities.... You demonstrate ‘community’ through your behavior and I found it very easy to work with you. In fact, I felt like I had a colleague on stage with me.”

—Charlotte C. Bretto, M.S., President

Apple Computer
“We have created an organization with representatives from throughout our 300 person organization for the purpose of improving the way we do our business. We have named this group ‘The Village Counsel’ in recognition of the values we experienced in your event.”

—Steve Clark, Apple Quality Group

Canada National Defense
“The success of your village concept was astounding. I could not believe my eyes as I saw around me a group of people who, one week ago, had not seen the need to form a team, gradually transform itself into a village....

We are still on a high and this is a very different and pleasant feeling for all of us. You have shown us that together we can withstand anything, surmount any challenge and discover in ourselves people we really like. You have touched our souls.”

—Micheline Clairoux, Director, Facilities Management