Arthurian Philosophy

Arthurian Philosophy

by Arthur Hull

Endrummingment is a state of being, an experience, an attitude, a process, and an empowerment. Endrummingment is sharing: sometimes we share ourselves with a circle of people, sometimes we share our inner selves with outer selves. The deep structure of endrummingment goes beyond the mathematical division of time and notes. Rhythmical knowledge and hand drumming technique are just two of the many elements involved in that evolutionary journey taken by all drummers and rhytmatist into the magic place where time stops. Alternatively, a group of people in a circle playing their instruments to, with and for each other, playing to the same beat, can help each other reach that place of timelessness where they all are not just playing on the one, they are one.

Rhythm has the power to heal. Everything that exist vibrates with its own rhythm.

This concept is so simple that most of the time we’re not aware of it, but life is rhythm and rhythm is life. Everything that lives, moves and has being, vibrates. When all cells of our bodies vibrate in harmony, we are in good health. When our cells are not vibrating in harmony, we are in dis-ease.

When we gather together in church to worship as a community, we use music to vibrate the members of the group beyond intellect and individual concepts of God to that unnameable place that every religion attempts to name. Spiritual healing happens in that place because Spirit is a vibration that has its own rhythm. Participating in a drum circle or even being near one is a healing experience for the hearts, minds, and bodies of many people. A drum circle creates a subsonic vibration that gives a rhythmical massage to everyone near it, affecting each person differently. This massage influences the harmonious alignment of our physical cells, emotional states, and our spirits.