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festival-group Village Music Circles™ creates a fun-filled participatory musical event providing drums for up to two hundred moms, dads, and kids who join together in a “drum corral” to create an exciting, interactive community drum circle celebration. From street fairs, county fairs, music festivals to city celebrations, Village Music Circles has brought “fun with the drums” to these family-oriented community events.

friendlyMusically accessible to everyone, our facilitators create a dynamic, rhythm-charged group experience that becomes the highlight of any festival. An Example: At the last three annual Bumbershoot music festivals in Seattle, Washington, Village Music Circles facilitated 6 community drum circles each day. By the end of the four-day event, over 4,800 Seattleites had drummed with us in our community-building drum corral.

Epic NAMM Drum Circle is Epic - NAMM 2014 Drum Circle