Keynote Speaker

Village Music Circles™ Keynote Experiences

Arthur Hull, a member of the National Speakers Association, has delivered keynote presentations to corporations and conferences internationally. Arthur’s keynote presentations quickly become keynote experiences as he inspires interactive audience participation peppered throughout his presentation as a means of delivering his keynote message.

The Village Music Circle™ rhythm event format has been adapted to fit almost any type of conference including business, sales, management, personal growth, alternative healing, educational, health care, and scientific. Two uses of rhythm-based events in a conference environment are community building in opening and closing ceremonies, and workshops that deliver appropriate metaphors for target audience in attendance. Village Music Circles will deliver inspiring leadership experiences for small to medium size groups and educational conferences for teachers.

"Your message was right on target for our group. People are still talking about seeing board members and past presidents on stage drumming. It was fantastic! Thanks for sharing your passion and reminding us that we must always Play on the Edge."

—Kay duPont and Jeff Disend, Cochairs, NSA, Western Educational Workshop 

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