Music Alive series presents Arthur Hull, founder of Village Music Circles

Join us as Arthur shares skills for facilitating human potential and building strong communities unified through the joyful experience of music

Intervista con Arthur Hull, fondatore di Village Music Circles

Interview with Arthur about the Italian translation of the DCFacilitator book done by Harshil Chiostri and Aloka.

DISCOVERY Video of Kevin Bautista @ Arthur Hull's VMC Weekend Facilitators Playshop

Kevin Discovers a New Interest and Feels Connected: A Young Lad’s Takeaway from the May 2016 VMC Weekend Facilitators Workshop that capped the 4th Asian Rhythm Facilitators' Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Village Music Circles 25th Hawaii Facilitators Playshop Celebration Event - August 11th

A Celebration of 25 years of the VMC Hawaii Facilitator's Playshop Slideshow

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this look at 25 years of rhythm, connections, laughs, grooves, and friendships created year after year at the Village Music Circle's Hawaii Facilitators Playshop. For 25 years, Arthur Hull has offered this opportunity to learn to create community and facilitate human spirit through drum circles.

Cameron’s Eyebrow Facilitation at 2015 Hawaii Playshop

Mary Had A Little Lamb -Music is a Universal Language

VMC Hawaii 2016 Late Night

Cameron’s Closing at 2015 Inter-Island Community Drum Circle

Arthur's and Diana’s Kalimba Duet

Drum circle NAMM 2016 Drum Circle with Arthur Hull

Epic NAMM Drum Circle is Epic - NAMM 2014 Drum Circle

Rhythm Church Facilitated by Arthur Hull from Craig Norton Media on Vimeo.

Arthur Hull and Jim Donovan Talk Drumming and Connection July 2020

Introduction to the Art of Drum Circle Facilitation

Intro to Art of Drum Circle Facilitation video thumbnail