Rhythm Church – An Interactive Sound Immersion Meditation

Preparing for Rhythm Church

The interactive Rhythm Church sound experience has been a part of the annual Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference for years. Because of Covid, our 2022 conference was an online ZOOM experience. We decided to make our Rhythm Church available to people whom were not participating in the 2022 DCFG Virtual Conference by live-streaming it into the intern-web thingy.

More than one thousand people from around the world participated in the online portion of this event, and now you can too. Below is a write up about Rhythm Church, and how you can prepare and participate in this unique experience

Rhythm Church with Arthur Hull

The  “Rhythm Church – Interactive Sound Immersion Meditation” is a facilitated In-The-Moment musical experience.

Rhythm Church is an opportunity to take “Brain Break” and just “Be.”

We are using mostly gongs, chimes, bells, etc. for this self activated sound bath program. Small hand percussion can work as well.

I will be facilitating colored chimes and gongs in the video that you can play along with. This video was shot by Craig Norton at the DCFG Conference in 2017.

You will need to provide your own Chime, Tibetan Bowl, Bell, Gong, Bundt Cake Pan, Aluminum Mixing Bowl etc.

In order to be in tune with our Sound Orchestra, your instrument needs to be tuned in the C-Pentatonic scale. It should be in tune with one of the following notes: C – D – E – G – or A. (No “B”s or “F”s please)

For me to facilitate this event, you will need to know two things:

  1. Know which note that your instrument is tuned to.
  2. Know which color your instrument corresponds with.

Here are the color associations:
C = Red – D = Orange – E = Yellow – G = Green – A = Blue

When I hold up colored chimes, or call out colors during the Rhythm Church event, you will know which playing color group you belong to.

If you don’t have a C-Pentatonic tuned instrument to participate in this event, you can be a part of the “Rhythm Clock” percussion section of the chime orchestra. Just play a small hand percussion. (Wood block or shaker preferred) Also You do not necessarily have to play an instrument to participate in Rhythm Church. All you need to do, is sit in our sound bath and “Be Here NOW.”

Arthur Explains how to participate.

The Rhythm Church “play-along” video.

Many thanks to Craig Norton for filming and editing this video: www.craignorton.com

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