REMO’S “Rhythm Wellness and You!” Interview Series Presents a Live Online Interview with Arthur Hull, founder of Village Music Circles, hosted by John Fitzgerald. Join us for, what is sure to be an exciting, inspiring, energizing, and captivating discussion with John, Arthur, and all of you!

As a rhythm ambassador Arthur Hull has traveled the world for over 40 years inspiring community-building through the metaphor of music, and creating new communities of Facilitators through VMC trainings.

His pioneering Rhythm Facilitation Trainings has touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide in 34 countries cultivating the new and growing profession of the community Drum Circle Facilitator.

Arthur will share exciting information about the growing worldwide DC movement through expanded training opportunities with a new team of VMC Certified Global Drum Circle Facilitator Trainers, how the drum circle movement continued to bring rhythm relief throughout the quarantine, and how things are looking for the future, post Covid, for live drum circles as well as continuing to use online streaming methods.

Arthur Hull Remo interview flyer

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