Remo Popup

it has been a very wonderful and rewarding experience to be a REMO Endorsee for over thirty years, and our partnership continues to this day.

During that time I have designed eight types of drums for our recreational drumming community through the REMO drum company. I cant say enough about the drums quality, durability and Usability. But if you want to hear more, click this button.

More importantly to me is that I would like to acknowledge the culture and mission of REMO that goes beyond the manufacture and selling of drums.

The partnership that Remo D. Belli, (May he rest in peace), his company, and myself elf have formed, has supported the development and growth of our drum circle facilitation and rhythm care community through the world in so many ways.  REMO supported my vision of, Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm”, and Babatunde Olatunji’s vision of “A Drum In Every Household.”

In the beginning of our partnership, REMO flew me all over the world to do drum circle demonstrations when no one knew that facilitated drum circles existed. For 10 years after that, REMO paid for all my international flights as I began doing the 3 - Day Village Music Circle drum circle training in Europe and Asia. In his life time Remo, the man, had spent over one million of his own money on the development of Health Rhythms, research on the positive medical effects of drumming and the support of rhythm care. This kind of mission and philanthropy is still supported today by Ami Belli, owner of REMO inc.

Together we will make the world a better place, one beat at a time.