Village Music Circles Global

The Launch of the Village Music Circles™ Certified Global Trainer Team has been an evolutionary process. Our team has developed over many years with the support, help, and guidance of students who have become mentors, such as Mary Tolena, Jim Boneau, and many others.

Following the simple directive "Share Your Spirit" and answering the crucial question, "How can I serve this community?" Village Music Circles has arrived at its core mission: To facilitate human potential through rhythm.

Thirty-two of our Village Music Circle protégées from twenty-two countries have completed this evolutionary step on Village Music Circle’s rhythm empowerment journey.

Jim Boneau and I quietly vetted our students for years as they walked their talk, and many became our teachers. They were invited to participate in the Training the Trainer Training (TTT) because of their integrity and commitment to building community and bringing people together through rhythm using Village Music Circles’ community-building format.

VMC’s Certified Global team has conducted Village Music Circle’s 3-day facilitation training in numerous countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany, and India.

I respect and support each of our Certified Global Trainers. I am confident that they will benefit the international community and improve the lives of the thousands of people their students will serve—One Beat at a Time.