What to bring to the Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop

Hello My Friends,

  • I am excited to be facilitating our Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop (RAP) in your city soon. We are going to have a lot of rhythmical fun!
  • Please bring the following if you have them... One each: a shaker, a bell and a wood sounding instrument.
  • Bring a cushion or seat pad if you have one.
  • Bring your favorite drum, and a variety of drums if you have them.
  • All other musical percussion instruments are welcome such as balafons, chimes, gongs, Tibetan bells, gongs, rain sticks, tube drums, etc.
  • Bring a clean empty bottle for our "jug band" session. Glass is best. Different sizes are welcome, from a gallon jug to a mini airline alcohol bottle.

Do a Scavenger Hunt for found sounds before attending the RAP. We will put together a found sound band using any thing as an instrument except a real instrument. So, scrounge around your kitchen and house and bring to the program, one each:

  • One soft sound instrument. Ideas? Crumbling up cellophane, flipping pages of a book, moving a whisk through the air, small beads or seeds in a glass bottle, etc.
  • One loud sound instrument. Ideas? Wooden spoon beating a pot, playing an empty, upside down 5-gallon stainless steel salad bowl as a gong, etc.

Last but not least, bring your playful spirit!

Have fun gathering your found sounds, but keep them hidden until it is time to play them. YES! We ARE going to have a lot of rhythmical fun!

See you there
Life " IS" a dance...

Share your Spirit,