Landed at Starfield Studio – Sept 2018

Hello My Friends,

The rolling hills of the Sussex Downs wraps it’s emerald green arms around the small seaside resort town of Eastbourne. Eastbourne is situated in the southeast corner of England and gets the most sunlight per year than almost anywhere else on this island.

It is also James Asher’s boyhood town. After a number of years living in the heart of London where I visited him regularly, James sold his big city flat for a heafty price and bought the house in Eastbourne that he and his wife Celia now live in today. His famous ‘Starfield Studio’ is in a log cabin situated in the backyard of the house. It is now where we practice our rhythmical and musical alchemy together.

As most of you know, on my annual European Playshop tours, I always stop off to spend a week or two with James. The Rhythmical/Music Alchemy that we create together is always one of the highlight experiences of my year. This is the sixteenth year in a row that I have had the privilege of hanging out with this musical genius and good friend.

Once again James Asher, Totoro and myself-elf are working away over hot drums and keyboards.

We are just getting started on this year’s Rhythmical/Musical Alchemy Journey. We hit the ground running, by laying down 20 basic foundational rhythm grooves with mixed timbers and drums. Now we are building melody expressions around them. Oh what fun!

With a limited window of play time before I have to fly to Norway, we may not come out of the studio with a complete album, like last year’s epic Drum Distillery. But even though we have produced 7 albums over the years that we have been collaborating, making albums has never been the real goal. It has always been to create together the amazing experience of our ongoing Be-Here-Now rhythmical alchemy journey. The result is a great friendship and great music.

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