Hawaii Playshop – AUG 2017

Late night under the trees and full moon next to the beach... Ahhhhh!

Hello My Frinds,

A 6-day Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop at our annual site on the north shore of Oahu is a dream come true.

What fun! A relaxed schedule full of hang time, a great group of people to play with from India, Australia, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and USA... and no training agenda except to play rhythm games and serve the groups needs.

Late night under the trees and the full moon next to the beach Ahhhhh!

Wish you were here  {]]’;-)


9 School teachers
7 School rhythm event facilitators
7 Community DCFacilitators
3 Music therapists
6 Special needs facilitators
5 Kids at risk workers
4 Corporate Team-building Facilitators
8 Professional musicians
6 Spiritually-orientated rhythm facilitators
5 Trouble-makers


Life is a dance