Great Mid-Atlantic VMC Playshop, Oct 2019

Hello My Friends,

Katy Gaughan from Baltimore/Washington DC area and Mike Deaton from Virginia were members of our triplicity teaching team for this Mid-Atlantic/East Coast VMC Playshop.

This weekend DCFacilitator Playshop went great. Katy presented through the heart lens while Mike presented through the cognitive lens. This alchemic balance of presentation styles gifted the Playshop participants far beyond what they would have received if I was the only presenter. So Katy and Mike both had something to teach me and each other.

Reece Valsasnini was our big radar roady who took very good care of all of us, along with Ken Crampton who hosted us in his EyeClopes Art Studio.

The DCFG Three Faciliteers:

Three people worked hard as a team for three years to get the not-for-profit 501-C3, for an official members based organization to start what is now our Drum Circle Facilitators Guild. They are the founders and elders of our DCFG community.

I call them my 'The Three Faciliteers'

Jaqui MacMillan, 2 Hawaii Playshop + 2 East coast 6-Day and a few 3-day Playshops

Jonathan Murray, 3 Hawaii Playshops + all East Coast 6-day Playshops, 3-day Playshop and Facilitators Rhythmical Alchemy Playshops.

Ken Crampton, Graduate of 9 Hawaii Playshops + 6 East Coast 6 Day and lots-O-3-day Playshops

We had privilege of having these three Faciliteers at this 3-day Playshop. Yaqui, Jonathan, and, Ken along with Nellie Hill was an extra added bonus for all of us. They’re participation in the program was a whole lot of fun for me, the other teachers, and the playshop participants.

Thanks to all of you for showing up in so many ways.

As you can tell, being in Ken Crampton's Art Studio added a little extra color and fun to the training.

Another batch of newly trained and upgraded DCFacilitators.

Since the start of this training tour, we have birth or enhanced 125 facilitators in the USA.

More trainings and new VMC Playshop teachers to come...

Below you will find the list of participants who are a good representative of the usual suspects that populate our DCFacilitator Community.


10 School Teachers

10 Music Teachers

10 Drum Teachers

6 Music Therapist

11 Elderly related Professionals

10 Adults At Risk Professionals

13 Kids at Risk Professionals

17 Special Needs Professionals

5 Corporate Facilitators

4 Psychotherapist

11 Infant- Toddler Facilitators

3 Medical related, Doctors, Nurses and Health care Professionals

14 School Rhythm Event Facilitators

15 Community Drum Circles Facilitators

13 Drum Makers

15 Professional Musicians

All Recreational Drummers

21 Culturally specific drummers

25 People Connected to nonprofit organizations

17 Church or place of worship

10 Spirituality and Sacred

16 Welleness programs

4 Veterans

Life is a dance…