Hawaii 2016 Teaching Staff

Arthur Hull

ArthurBellFounder of Village Music Circles, and author of 4 books on the subject, Arthur Hull travels world-wide teaching drum circle facilitation playshops in 15 countries.  Arthur has taught thousands of people the art of rhythm facilitation, creating a ripple-effect of connection, well-being, and happiness that has enhanced the lives of  millions.


Jim Boneau

Jim-HeadshotSmJim Boneau co-developed and co-taught VMC’s Hawaii Playshop with Arthur for the past 15 years.  He created VMC’s Mentor leadership program that supports some 6-day basic facilitator trainings.  Jim is a master trainer, coach, and facilitator with Fortune 100 clients around the world.  JimBoneauFacilitates.com

Mary Tolena

MaryTMary Tolena is a facilitator, program designer and community builder who significantly influenced the evolution of the Hawaii experience over the years.  Her passion is serving the evolution of the world-wide drum circle facilitator community through connections, events, and business collaborations.  RhythmLift.com

Cameron Tummel

Cameron_TummelCameron Tummel has inspired thousands as a drum circle facilitator, djembe player & instructor, composer & recording artist, motivational speaker and author. He worked directly with Arthur for many hears, including in the first 8 Hawaii Playshops.  Cameron has traveled extensively to teach and study, and recently completed his Master’s Degree in World Percussion from Cal Arts.  CameronTummel.com