Hello My Friends,

My computer died while I was in Malaysia, just before REMO’s founder passed away, and because of my gmail address, my new computer did not work in China. I just finished the fully packed Japan DrumAbout, which was right in the middle of this year’s Asian Playshop tour. I have been desperately trying to catch up to all my email obligations since I have arrived in Hong Kong. Here is one obligation that I’m happy to complete:

Remo D. Belli was not only a great business man but he had great vision. Many years ago when we first met, he sat me down and described to me what has now come to pass today. He told me that in a few years there would be a large and healthy recreational drumming community, as well an international rhythm-based event facilitation community that would be well-organized and introduce group drumming into almost every part of our culture and society.

It has all come true and has moved us closer to Babatunde Olatunji’s dream of “A Drum In Every Household.”

It was a jaw-dropping experience to hear his vision back when there were only a handful of drum circle facilitators in existence, and an environment that consisted mostly of free-form drum circles and culturally-specific drumming.

Remo’s description of his vision not only solidified my passion for sharing my rhythmical spirit, but became the compass that has led me down the rhythmical evangelism path that I still walk today.

For a long time, Remo has been one of my mentors and father figures who was not afraid to asked me the hard questions. And that is why, even though it annoyed him, I called him Dad.

I’m still morning his passing, and I say a little prayer of thanks every time I touch a drum with a crown symbol on it.

Life – and death – is a dance…  Arthur