Global Drumabout 2016

On the road again...

Here we begin Arthur's Drumabout Stories for 2016.
Check back as more adventures are posted.


Beijing, China 2016

In Beijing the air is much clearer this year. Last year, after a full day walking around in the lake park district, I picked up the famous "Beijing Cough." After I left China on my last tour I took my my “Beijing Cough” with me. I hacked away for 3 more countries/Playshops before I got rid of it. read more

Xi’an, China

Here you will find a combined “On The Road” and Playshop report for Xi’an China.  read on

Hangzhou, China 2016

To start off the Hangzhou visit, (pronounced HungJoe), I did a drum circle at the "Cai He” high school which holds over two thousand students. Cai is the name of a particular lotus flower that grows in the region. One of my Level 2 Playshop students, Zhon Yao, a music teacher who works there, set up the one hour gig with about eighty 14-year-olds. read more

japan2016Japan 2016

It was impossible to send you a report of each and every event that I did on this "Japan DrumAbout" but now that it is completed, I will give you some of the highlights before moving on to Hong Kong.

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