Global Drumabout 2017


On the road again...

Here we begin Arthur's Drumabout Stories for 2017
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Beijing, On the Road in China – May 2017

I have been in Beijing for a week without internet or phone access. China and Google are butting heads (again), so my Gmail and my internet has not worked since I left Seattle... continued

Xi’an China, On the Road – May 2017

I am back in the city of Xi’an (pronounced She-ann). It is situated in the middle of the ancient oriental empire that existed over a thousand years before the Chinese empire came into being... continued

Guangzhou & Final China Report – May 2017

While driving anywhere in China you have to use your horn as much as your steering wheel. In fact I was in a cab where the driver kept one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on the horn... continued

Piling Nongak Village Korea Report – May 2017

On my way to the Korean Playshop from China, I stopped off in Seoul, Korean’s major metropolis. It was nice to be in such a big city and still be able to breath clean air and see the mountains in the distance... continued

Mini-Hawaii Playshop in Japan - JUNE 2017

“Yukoso, Menasama no Durham Saakulu e’” in Japanese means, “Welcome everyone your Drum Circle” in English.

But the last half of the sentence is what I call Japan-English. They are saying Drum, but it comes out Durdam, and the word Circle comes out Saakulu.... continued

VMC's 14-year History in Japan!!

This will be my 14th annual visit to Japan. Every year I have taught a 3-day or 6-day Playshop, a Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop, did a DrumAbout, or a combination of those events in this country... continued

Australia Playshop - JULY 2017

Almost every program that I have done in Australia begins with something like this: "I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land in which we meet upon today. We celebrate and embrace traditions and cultures past, present and future.”  ... continued

Hawaii Playshop – AUG 2017 Late night under the trees and full moon next to the beach... Ahhhhh!

A 6-day Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop at our annual site on the north shore of Oahu is a dream come true. What fun! ... continued

SPAIN Playshop – SEP 2017

Pau Gimeno is our very successful Regional Organizer in Spain. He is a teacher at the University of Barcelona and also a music therapist... continued

Ireland DrumAbout, Oh the GREEN! – SEP 2017

Deep green on light green on blue green on unworldly green surrounds us as we as drive through countless tree tunnels on little Irish broein back roads. While traversing over stone bridges, we pass around and through farm villages, large and small... continued

Rhythma-Alchemy at Starfield Studios - OCT 2017

It’s Arthur in Spain, No that was last week. Arthur in Ireland?... No! that was Yesterday… England?   YES - OKAY, now I am in England! Yea! I have 10 whole luxurious days to spend in the small seaside resort town of Eastbourne England... continued

The Journey is the Goal! Starfield Studio - OCT 2017

This has been a most productive week at Starfield Studio, on the slightly sunny - slightly wet - slightly everything but snowy South English Coast.  "Winter Is Coming!” ... continued

NORWAY Playshop - OCT 2017

In Norse, the Norwegian language, Mikael says: "An to Set-A-Gong... 1 - 2 - Start" (spelled phonetically). Lars says: “An to All La-mear, 1 - 2 - all Join."... continued

Italy's Never Ending Late Night - Palermo OCT 2017

I am back in Palermo Sicily... Sicily is an island situated at the bottom of the boot of Italy. It is ringed by Medieval villages nestled up against crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea... continued

The Three Musketeers Scotland Playshop - OCT 2017

Wiston is one of my favorite 'Home away from Home' venues that I LOVE to visit. This is the 9th year in a row that we have held our UK Playshop here
... continued

Day 2 at the Hunting Lodge - Scotland - OCT 2017

Friday, Day Two…. Including the cabins above the pond meadow, Wiston Lodge holds only 50 people (+ Staff). Normally that is our number of participants in any Wiston Playshop 3-day, or 6-day and 10-day Mentor... continued

Growing & Planting More Trees... First TTT - Scotland OCT 2017

By the time I got to Scotland at the end of this one year Playshop tour, fall had fully fell at our beloved Wiston hunting lodge. With two successive frosts occurring in a week, the leaves were falling like rain whenever the wind blew
... continued