Arthur is interviewed by Jim Donovan

What’s a “drum circle” really like?

Jim talks with award-winning rhythm ambassador, author, and world-renowned music facilitator, Arthur Hull. Arthur travels the world inspiring community building and self-development through drumming. His Village Music Circles program now has 35 certified facilitators working in 22 countries.

Jim and Arthur discuss how rhythm is a conduit for deep connection and the deep psychological benefits drum circles can provide.

Arthur details what led him to his mission to connect people through music. He also reveals the one thing that happens at drum circles that can be a breakthrough transformative experience.


6:42: What IS a drum circle?

14:07: Why Arthur has dedicated his life connecting people with rhythm

18:27: How group drumming breaks unhelpful social norms, like perfection

23.02: The brain benefits of drumming

26:38: How rhythm helped a woman with Parkinson’s disease

28:20: A profound story of rhythmic “release and healing” for an 80-year-old woman in a German circus tent.

36:57: What inspired Arthur to facilitate a drum circle before leaving for Vietnam.

49:30: How Arthur’s participants “taught” him to become a better facilitator

52:30: Arthur Hull on his legendary teacher/mentor from Nigeria, Babatunde Olatunji.

1:00:10: How Arthur has ensured a legacy for community drumming by training a worldwide network of facilitators.

1:10:50: The surprising reason Arthur has a massive ball of string.

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