April 15 – 17, 2016

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Facilitating Human Spirit through Rhythm

A new look at Facilitation, whether you use music or not!

— by Jim Boneau

On April 15, 16 and 17, I will be teaching the Village Music Circles Drum Circle Facilitators’ Training in Seattle. Yes, this will be me, Jim Boneau, leading this training – the first official VMC training led by someone other than Arthur Hull.

What is Drum Circle Facilitator Training?

All across the world, groups gather to play music, build community and tap into the potential of the human spirit, using drums and rhythm as a common language. These rhythm events are intended to be highly inclusive, family friendly, and open to all – no experience or musical talent required. All you need is your willingness to have fun and make music, and a trained facilitator to help bring it all together.

This workshop is designed to help you learn the basics of a drum circle or rhythm event. More importantly, you will learn the tools and techniques necessary to facilitate a powerful community building experience. You have an opportunity to practice these facilitation techniques in the workshop, receive feedback, and see others demonstrate advanced facilitation techniques.

Who should participate?

This facilitator training is open to anyone. You do not have to have experience as a musician.  Anyone who works with groups will benefit, such as:

  • Training & development professionals
  • Educators of all ages
  • Music teachers & therapists
  • Teaching artists & musicians
  • Elder care specialists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Behavioral counselors

In other words, anyone looking to build their skills in group development, group dynamics, and group facilitation skills! While the medium we use is rhythm, the facilitation skills gathered in this workshop can be used in a variety of settings, including drum circles, yoga classes, developmental experiences in organizations, groups of kids, or really any setting where you facilitate activities and human spirit.

Registration info here

What will I learn?

You’ll learn and experiment in the following areas:

  • Basic hand drumming skills.  We will ensure that everyone has the basics of hand drumming to participate in the rhythm experience
  • Basic rhythm facilitation tools and techniques.  Using the Village Music Circles Community Drum Circle protocol, you will learn and practice all of the skills necessary to facilitate a two-hour community rhythm event.
  • Application of rhythm facilitation skills to your communities.  Whether you work with adults in organizations, kids in schools, or in any other group environment, these rhythm facilitation skills will open up a new avenue for you to connect, inspire, and develop those whom you facilitate and teach.

My journey and turning point

Jim-HeadshotSmI know this learning is possible because it has been my learning journey for the past 16 years. I’ve been a group facilitator and trainer my entire professional life, and even before that as a teen, leading retreats in churches. In the year 2000, I decided to take this facilitator training from Village Music Circles. I had only participated in one drum circle at that point, but I was inspired.

Now 16 years later, I see how my skills as a drum circle facilitator have helped me be a better facilitator of leadership development programs. I want to help you connect the dots on how rhythm facilitation can improve your group facilitation in all group settings.

Why am I leading this now and how does Arthur Hull fit it?

Arthur & JimI have been Arthur’s teaching partner and curriculum design partner for 15 years. I have taught workshops with Arthur all over the world from Hawaii to Scotland to Japan. I have facilitated drum circles in my community, in the workplace, and as a part of Arthur’s trainings.

Now, as Village Music Circles looks to the future, one of our objectives is to have other professional Drum Circle Facilitators lead this training in their community. In order to fully test of the curriculum, we need someone other than Arthur teaching the three days. That someone will be me. Arthur will be in the workshop. He will be offering insights as a part of the challenge program, and critiquing me as well.

Registration info here

The workshop will be at JAMTOWN in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle. The workshop runs from Friday, April 15th at 3PM to April 17th at 6PM. Specific start and stop times for each day, including breaks, will be provided upon registration.

You can read more about my background at JimBoneauFacilitates.com.  And feel free to write me an email at jimboneau[at]yahoo.com for additional questions.

We are embarking on a new and exciting path at Village Music Circles. Arthur is committed to solidifying the legacy of the VMC Facilitator Trainings, and expanding the knowledge base of what it takes to train others to facilitate the human spirit through rhythm. I hope you can join us!

— Jim