Hello My Friends,
The Washington Post just published an article entitled, “The Drum Circle Moves Beyond Deadheads and Occupy protesters” written by Debra Bruno.

It featured interviews with some of our North East Coast elders; Katy Gaughan, Jonathan Murray, Laurie Precht, Nellie Hill, Jim Donovan, as well as yours truly.

Even though the article focused on the Washington/Baltimore area, Debra and I had a 1-hour phone conversation about all the positive applications possible that facilitated rhythm-based events had to offer the general population.

I give thanks and kudos to all the interviewees for their contribution to this great public educational drum circle promotion.

Also a thanks to the writer of this article, Debra Bruno for being the ‘hollow reed’ and channeling through her paper, all the positive aspects of drum circle possibilities. The true course of her arrow/article was articulated by the beautiful descriptions that communicated vision and feeling of a drum circle experience to the reader. In her descriptions of the circles that she attended, she put us in a seat at those circles. An extremely well written piece.

This is the kind of coverage our DCFacilitator community, and the general public, needs to see. So much better than a news article about a stabbing at a Southern California beach DC, or the speculation that drugs may, or may not, be consumed in any particular Drum Circle.

The DCFacilitators Guild is doing all that it can to shine its light on the positive aspects of facilitated rhythm-based events, while promoting us as the dedicated ethical, conscientious and professional DCFacilitators that we are.

I encourage every one of you to do the same, whenever there is an opportunity.
It will be good for you, as well as our growing community of professional rhythm evangelists.

P.S. I hope Im Nobody’s GURU… Gee You! Are You? NOPE

Life is a dance… Arthur