Drumming from Pre-Natal all the way to Hospice… and China

Hello My Friends,

Bhavini Shah is one of our graduates from last years India Playshop, as well as a Challenge graduate from this year’s just completed program.

She has just informed us that she has agreed to do a drum circle for 25 pregnant women in the city of Pune, south of Bombay next month.

Proof of when I say, “Group drumming can be applied to many aspects of our society, from Pre-natal all the way to Hospice.”

I am about to fly out of Bangalore to do two more 3-day Playshop programs in China this year. This last spring we did our first VMC 6-day Playshop in Beijing and a 3-day training in Guangzhou.

BUT!… Whenever I fly behind the Chinese iron-internet curtain, I am usually out of communication until I fly back out of China.

So!… So-Long for now, until I land in Dallas on November 15th, for the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) Convention.

Then finally Home. I am missing Diana my wife, Boo our cat, my Koi and my LEGOs in that order.

Life is truly a dance, for me….   

Share your Spirit   Arthur