Norway Train-the-Trainer Playshop with Lars – OCT 2018

Hello My Friends,

I had such great fun teaching the Norway Playshop with my good friend Lars Kolstad.

Lars has been working with me for 15 years and has produced 6 successful programs for VMC in Bergen Norway.

Our 30 person group population consisted of 1/2 Basic beginner participants, 1/4 Challenge returnees and 1/4 people who had done one of the many Rhythmical Alchemy Playshops that I had done all over Scandinavia.

As you can see by the demographics below, the group was full of musicians, percussionists and drummers, so the musicality of the group was high at the beginning of the program, and it just got better as the program progressed.

After we got over the loud fast “YaYa grooves” the last two grooves of our mini-late-night on Saturday night were as good as any Hawaii late night.

This was Lars’s TTT program (Train the Trainers) where we pretended to Co-Facilitate the Playshop together. But in actuality, Lars did most of the work while I sat in the back of the room and took notes concerning what I had learned from Lars’ unique teaching style.

During the “Run the Map” exercise towards the end of the program, Lars gave each person, who jumped in, just the right public critique that would help improve their technique to their next level. AND at the same time during the critique, he was able to educate the whole group about a particular universal aspect of facilitation. That was a masterful demonstration of why Lars is a member of the small cadre of our international Village Music Circles Global Training Team.

With Lars and Mikael Khei doing the Norway/Scandinavia 3-day VMC Facilitator Playshop trainings, I am pretty sure that I will be back up that way soon, to do their first 6-day Scandinavia Playshop.

A special thanks needs to go out to Tom Bjørkhaug, of Pro-Percusion who has supported our community and supplied us with REMO drums even before we had a functional REMO distributor in Norway. And thanks to REMO for their never-ending support of VMC and its mission. We received our usual Playshop Kit of REMO drums for the event, but only brought 3 drums back to Tom’s shop. The Playshop participants purchased and took the rest home with them.

Congratulations to you Lars! I want to be just like you, if I ever grow up… Uncle Arthur  



9 School Teachers

9 Music Teachers

9 Drum Teachers

5 Music Therapist

3 Elderly related Professionals

4 Adults At Risk Professionals

6 Kids at Risk Professionals

6 Special Needs Professionals

4 Corporate Facilitators

0 Psychotherapist

4 Infant- Toddler Facilitators

1 Medical related, Doctors, Nurses and Health care Professionals

8 School Rhythm Event Facilitators

7 Community Drum Circles Facilitators

1, Drum Makers

12, Professional Musicians

All, Recreational Drummers

8, Culturally specific drummers

7, People Connected to nonprofit organizations

Share your Spirit   Arthur