The India String Ball – Oct 2018

Hello My Friends,

We just finished an awesome program with 40 graduates at that amazing all-services included venue outside of Bangalore. Vasundhara rocked the co-facilitated (supposedly) Train-the-Trainer Playshop with little help from me. Then we all went into town to a specially scheduled Metro community drum circle that the graduates could facilitate.

For some of the Playshop graduates who had never facilitated a public drum circle before, moving from our cozy private 3-day 40 person drum circle affair, to facilitate a big 300 person, family-friendly community drum circle, was a big deal.

All the regular family-friendly DrumJam drum circles are held at the downtown Bangalore Metro, right in the center of the city. There were lots of ‘random factors’ in such a ‘transient’ drum circle crowd, but they all did great.

With the completion of this program, everybody wins, including Roberto and Vasundhara’s DrumJam organization, the many communities across India where all the VMC Playshop graduates came from and the International Village Music Circles Global Training team that Roberto and Vasundhara Das are now officially apart of. Their next 3-day training is already half full from the waiting list for this just completed program. I will return to do the first full 6-day Playshop in no time.

I am a happy Uncle.

The India Ball of String…

Now on to China.

Share your Spirit   Arthur