Wiston Wonders – SEP 2018

Wiston Wonders - SEP 2018

Hello My Friends,

Another Scotland 10-day Mentor and 6-day Basic Facilitator Playshop at the old stately Wiston Lodge is in the box. We wrapped up the program with a family-led community drum circle bow. We did the DC in the little village of Bigger as usual. I was looking for some “Random Factors” to challenge my Basic Participants while they were facilitating the circle, but the children (and the adults) were all too well behaved.

Jim Boneau’s Mentor group did very well leading and mentoring the Basic participants through the pressure cooker process that happens when 50 people are all living and playing in this big lodge together for a week. And the Mentors got a good test of learning how to be “Elders-in-Training.” An extra added test for the trainers and Mentors is that, with 14 countries represented in our group, this Playshop was truly an international event.

The four person team of VMC Global Trainers: Jim, Paul Dear, Dr Jane Bentley and myself-elf, laid out a very detailed plan as to who was going to deliver what-when. But as the program developed, it took us all on a roller coaster ride where we trainers threw our careful plans in the trash and played it by ear. The experimental program was seamless, and I think that it was one of the best full 6-day/10-day Playshops we have had at Wiston. It just keeps getting better. Maybe that is why we have had 12 sellout programs in a row here.

Our demographics, below, represent the usual suspects who attend any VMC Playshop on the planet.

This will be our last Mentor and 6-day program in Scotland for a couple years, while we give the VMC Global Training team of Dr. Jane and Paul space to do a bunch of 3-day trainings throughout the UK and Ireland.

As usual, after the Playshop, Paul Dear and I went on a wee-distillery tour.

A great way to finish off another visit to Scotland.

And now to bring some Scottish single malt whisky to James Asher’s Studio in Eastbourne England by the sea.

Share your spirit (Whisky or otherwise)...  Arthur 


7 School Teachers

8 Music Teachers

12 Drum Teachers

4 Music Therapist

8 Elderly-related Professionals

11 Adults at Risk Professionals

10 Kids at Risk Professionals

15 Special Needs Professionals

7 Corporate Facilitators

2 Psychotherapists

9 Infant-Toddler Facilitators

4 Medical related, Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

16 School Rhythm Event Facilitators

14 Community Drum Circles Facilitators

7 Drum Makers

16 Professional Musicians

All Recreational Drummers

8 Culturally-specific Drummers

22 People Connected to Nonprofit Organizations