Vasundhara’s India TTT Playshop Oct 2018

Hello My Friends,

It took two days to travel from freezing Boston MA weather to sunny 80 degrees balmy Bangalore India weather. Then I had one day to do de-Jet-lag, and one day to rest and catch up with Vasundhara Das and Roberto Narain.

Seated on a plato, 3,000 feet above the sea, Bengaluru is smack dab in the middle of southern India, but has good air. This area was once a huge forest. In the old town of this modern metropolis, all the streets are named after trees, and full of them in such a way that there is a green canopy of shade where ever you go.

Considering that Bangalore has a 11 million population, the air is very clear and clean, except for the occasional curry smell.

This is our fourth DCFacilitators Playshop in India. Once again it is being hosted by Vasundhara Das and Roberto’s well organized Drum Jam community.

This time the Playshop is being held in an all accommodations venue that is located one hour outside the city. Its called ‘Our Native Village.’ The rooms are spacious, the food is great, their pool looks like an oasis. We are in the middle of bush country with no houses or villages nearby. With 40+ people occupying the compound, and no other guests, we have the run of the place and can drum whenever and where ever we want.

Vasundhara Das is the lead trainer for this Playshop, with me as back up and color provider. Although it is her TTT Playshop (Train-the-Trainer), she is doing so great that I am doing more color than cover back up.

Her efficiency in delivering the program on the opening first day has successfully completed all the exercises up to ‘Sculpting  a Song.’ This leaves us a whole lot of extra time for Freeform Jump Time and Musicality during the rest of out time here.

It is the beginning of our second day. Every one is settled in and the group is in full ‘Percussion Ensemble’ mode. We have just finished Drum Call facilitated by one of our Challenge participants, Mohan, and Vasundhara is now giving him his public critique. It is well peppered with learnings for Mohan and the rest of the group. She is also doing future pacing for the rest of the day, delivering the 7 elements of Drum Call, as well as the Critique Technique process in the processes.

Its going be a great day.

Share your Spirit…   Arthur