Global Drumabout 2018


On the road again...

Here we begin Arthur's Drumabout Stories for 2018
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A Bum Stopcut in Bejing, China - May 2018

I have seen many kinds of facilitation Stop Cuts in my lifetime, but this was a first.At the end of his exercise, Choupang made an attention call prior to a full group stop cut. Then he crossed his hands over his head in preparation to stop the groups music. read more

Mentor Program at Wiston Lodge - Scotland - SEP 2018

For the first time in the 12 annual Scotland Playshop programs that we have held at the old Wiston Hunting Lodge in Scotland, we are here in the late summer instead of the late fall. The weather is warmer with more sunny days, less misty days. read more

Wiston Wonders - SEP 2018

Another Scotland 10-day Mentor and 6-day Basic Facilitator Playshop at the old stately Wiston Lodge is in the box. We wrapped up the program with a family-led community drum circle bow...  read more

Landed at Starfield

The rolling hills of the Sussex Downs wraps it’s emerald green arms around the small seaside resort town of Eastbourne. Eastbourne is situated in the southeast corner of England and gets the most sunlight... read more

Norway Train-the-Trainer Playshop with Lars – OCT 2018

I had such great fun teaching the Norway Playshop with my good friend Lars Kolstad. Lars has been working with me for 15 years and has produced 6 successful programs for VMC in Bergen Norway. read more

Vasundhara’s India TTT Playshop Oct 2018

It took two days to travel from freezing Boston MA weather to sunny 80 degrees balmy Bangalore India weather. Then I had one day to do de-Jet-lag, and one day to rest and catch up with Vasundhara Das and Roberto Narain. read more

The India String Ball – Oct 2018

We just finished an awesome program with 40 graduates at that amazing all-services included venue outside of Bangalore. Vasundhara rocked the co-facilitated (supposedly) Train-the-Trainer Playshop with little help from me. read more

Drumming from Pre-Natal all the way to Hospice… and China

Bhavini Shah is one of our graduates from last years India Playshop, as well as a Challenge graduate from this year’s just completed program. She has just informed us that she has agreed to do a drum circle for 25 pregnant women... read more

Beijing China, Again this year – NOV 2018

I have been behind the Chinese-internet-firewall-iron curtin for the last few weeks, so this On-The-Road report is a little late....First of all: Nellie Hill’s and Arthur’s Co-authored book Drum Circle Facilitators Handbook has now been translated and published in Chinese... read more

Nanchang China – NOV 2018

My last stop on this year’s 4-city China Drum-About was a city called Nanchang. It was my first visit here. Nanchang is a relatively smaller Chinese city with a population of only 5 million... read more

American Music Therapy Conference - November 2018 

In the early 90s I started doing programs for the regional music therapy gatherings, then the national conferences. The music therapy community was one of the major environments where I learned the power of rhythm care.

read more