Global Drumabout 2018

On the road again...

Here we begin Arthur's Drumabout Stories for 2018.


A Bum Stopcut in Bejing, China - May 2018

I have seen many kinds of facilitation Stop Cuts in my lifetime, but this was a first.At the end of his exercise, Choupang made an attention call prior to a full group stop cut. Then he crossed his hands over his head in preparation to stop the groups music. read more

Mentor Program at Wiston Lodge - Scotland - SEP 2018

For the first time in the 12 annual Scotland Playshop programs that we have held at the old Wiston Hunting Lodge in Scotland, we are here in the late summer instead of the late fall. The weather is warmer with more sunny days, less misty days. read more

Wiston Wonders - SEP 2018

Another Scotland 10-day Mentor and 6-day Basic Facilitator Playshop at the old stately Wiston Lodge is in the box. We wrapped up the program with a family-led community drum circle bow...  read more

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