A Death in the Family – September 2019

September 9, 2019

My dear friend, Bill Muench, unexpectedly died this week of a pituitary tumor. He didn’t recover from the surgery. He…

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Morwen – In Memorium

November 9, 2018

Hello My Friends, We just completed an amazing and powerful memorial for Morwen Two Feathers. The many different circles, cultures…

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Twigs and Leaves

October 1, 2018

Twigs and Leaves – originally written October 28, 2017 Hello My Friends, There are rumors going around the world (literally),…

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Launching VMC Global

September 5, 2018

Hello My Friends, Launching the VMC Global Training Team is an evolutionary process that has been a long time coming…

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Is That All There Is?

August 24, 2018

I am now 71 yrs old and have been drumming free-form style since before I was old enough to hold…

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