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Morwen – In Memorium… October 2018

Hello My Friends, We just completed an amazing and powerful memorial for Morwen Two Feathers. The many different circles, cultures and tribes, whom she inspired and touched, that showed up to this event were a beautiful reflection of her life’s mission. The Corinthian Lodge, was charted by non-other than Paul Revere in 1797. This beautiful majestic… Continue Reading

Twigs and Leaves

Twigs and Leaves – originally written October 28, 2017 Hello My Friends, There are rumors going around the world (literally), that I am retiring. Thats not true. Instead, I am adding a number of VMC-Certified DCFacilitation trainers into the international recreational drumming community. With the help of Jim Boneau, Mary Tolena and many of my… Continue Reading

Is That All There Is?

I am now 71 yrs old and have been drumming free-form style since before I was old enough to hold a stick. I put my time in free-form anarchist hippy drumming “Crash Burn & Die” pit at the first 6 Rainbow gatherings. After thousands of hours and years of hippy thunder drumming, and free-form improvisational… Continue Reading

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