Mathias Reuter

Mathias Reuter

After studying at the University of Kassel to become a teacher, he has been a freelance percussionist for Live and Studio (world music, pop, jazz) theater and musical productions.

Since 2002, he has done Drum Circle Facilitator intensive training with Arthur Hull.

For 10 years, Mathias has been a facilitator of drum circles at countless events, in some cases over 1000 people per event for: school events (eg, school tours 2002-2008 event with over 50,000 participants), team building and corporate drum circles (from German bank Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom and Volkswagen AG) at trade shows (Didacta, Musikmesse Frankfurt, Respect Youth Fair, etc.), conventions (education Congresses of the Bertelsmann Foundation, integration Summit in NRW, etc.), for social and therapeutic facilities, as part of culture - and city festivals, with many open drum circles, etc.

Matthias Reuter is also a workshop leader for various organizations such as: LMM, AFL, AFS, VDM TILM, country music academies, Orff Schulwerk Society, Froebel Seminar, Music College, Hanover, jazz house in Cologne, etc, and other percussion + m and Drum and Percussion School activities.

He is a co-author of the book: Drum Circle - The Groove for All (published by Schott in DVD publisher / MUB5010) and co-owner of percussion + m.