Jung-jin (Jun-Jun) Lee

Jung-jin (JunJun) Lee

Jung-jin is a Music Therapist and member of KDRS (Korea Drum circles Research Society) which is based in Seoul, south Korea since it was founded. She serves a wide range of populations including children, adults, old peoples, and handicapped peoples.

She has completed 6 programs with Village Music Circles and several programs in Korea, as well as studying with professional drummers.

When she was first introduced to Drum Circle, it was just a tool for her Music Therapy sessions. Since her major was Voice, she had little concern with Drum Circle or playing instruments. However, she soon began to fall for the charm of Drum Circle. It became her most powerful and favorite tool. She began to enjoy Drum Circle more than Music Therapy sessions.

JunJun believes that rhythm is a powerful tool for sharing spirit and it helps to communicate each other, express themselves and raise self-esteem. So she wishes to help people to become more expressive and enjoy their own lives.