Alan Bruni

Alan Bruni, a native of Colorado, is based in Los Angeles where he thrives as a drum circle facilitator, teaching artist, musician, education consultant, and exotic animal handler.

Alan holds a Masters in Aesthetics and Education from the University of Denver, is a REMO Endorsed Artist, a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, and owner of Rumbling Rhythms.

He has worked alongside mental health workers, therapists, philanthropists, religious leaders, teachers, master percussionists and corporate leaders.

His extensive talents and contagious personality have been brought to schools, residential treatment centers, corporate training events, special needs groups and prisons.

Alan embodies the craftsmanship of an artist and the curiosity of a scientist, always willing to help others explore and create from their own internal world.

Alan's Story

"Thumper" was the nickname I was given at the hospital when I was born, referring to the way I would gently tap in rhythm on the shoulder of anyone holding me.

Growing up I struggled with dyslexia yet my true intelligence was revealed in my unstoppable curiosity and creativity. Having a mother who was a ceramic artist and pianist helped normalize spending long stretches of time making art and simply listening to music. Fast forward through performing arts high school; I found myself wanting a degree in art therapy but the University I had chosen didn't offer one; I finished with a Bachelors of Fine Art and Developmental Psychology.

As I honed my creative mind-set and portfolio through my undergrad I worked at the University day care as well as faith-based youth camps over the summers. Between creating aesthetic experiences for gallery goers and engaging kids I began to understand the importance of my influence on the world around me.

As my undergrad years ended I was accepted into to a duel Masters in Education and teaching licensure program. While my graduate classmates were focusing on early childhood, primary or secondary learning I had a unique opportunity to focus in Aesthetics Learning; studying and experimenting how to incorporate and use the arts to enhance learning in other subjects. Visual arts, music, dance, drama and poetry became the technology I used to raise the human consciousness in completely unrelated fields like, history, science and math.

As school faded into my past I taught in public schools; worked in residential treatment centers; taught ceramics; worked in the film industry; taught outdoor and science education; and gigged as a percussionist. While these work/service opportunities fed my spirit, chronic mismanagement and bureaucracy always seemed to stifle the efficiency and effectiveness of this service work.

Though I had dabbled in drum circles since the 1990's and was introduced to Arthur Hull and Village Music Circle (VMC) programs in 1999 it wasn't until reconnecting with VMC in 2014 that I knew the skills I had learned up to this point would best fit in the facilitation of human potential through rhythm. I took a leap of faith and left my full-time work to pursue a more effective service occupation, Drum Circle Facilitator. I started my company Rumbling Rhythms and haven't looked back because what I see ahead of me is nothing but potential.