Louis-Daniel Joly

Louis-Daniel Joly

Louis-Daniel Joly is one of only two Canadians in the world to have obtained the certification of "International Trainer in Facilitation of Percussion Circles" from VMC (Village Music Circles) founded by Mr. Arthur Hull. He is recognized here and elsewhere as someone who masters both business management and the artistic aspect of production.

Specialized in school drum circles, he has written two books on rhythm games and bucket drumming.

Recognized by teachers and music therapist as an expert in drum circles with special needs kids, students and non neurotypical participants, he is known for his « Cooking with what’s in the fridge » approach.

He began his career as a percussionist in the late 1980s and in 1998 he became the first graduate in Quebec to obtain a baccalaureate in Latin and popular percussion from UQÀM.

Following a national career as a freelancer, he entered Cirque du Soleil in 2000 where he gave a series of 2300 shows as an artist-musician. In 2008 he obtained the title of "International Drum Circle Facilitator ", certification awarded by REMO Inc., one of the most important companies in the percussion industry and will follow the creation of his company: Productions Baratanga.

Since 2007, he has presented hundred of conferences and training sessions for corporate and educational customers.

Having produced more than a hundred team building activities, he is increasingly called upon to present team-building workshops as an expert-facilitator for Canadian companies.

Graduate with a master's degree in management of cultural industries from HEC Montréal, he is able to understand business managers and respond effectively to their needs.

Louis-Daniel is also a teacher at Cégep de Drummondville in the sound technology department for career management, entrepreneurship and marketing.

1. How have you incorporated the principles of the Arthurian Triplicities into your Drum Circle Facilitation practice?

Arthur Hull's triplicities have finally putted some words on things I was doing instinctively. Being a professional musician, a lot musical aspects present in drum circles were already implemented in my facilitation without knowing it!
When I started studying more in depth the triplicities concepts, I was better equipped to understand structures, to organize my drum circles, to build a community and to facilitate better and more efficiently.

2. What does the "Trust" Triplicity mean to you as a Rhythm event facilitator?

For me the "trust" triplicity is the most important aspect of any drum circle upon which I will build relationships, music, cohesion, fun, empowerment and community.

3. How does incorporating the elements of the “Intuitive Skills” Triplicity improve your Drum Circle facilitation?

For me the "Intuitive Skills" can be named many things:

  • Teacher's radar (they always know what is happening in the back of the classroom)
  • The comedian (the comedian always finds the funniest laughter in the room to work with it)
  • The musician (great musicians are always aware of other musicians and they react within milliseconds)
  • The Spider sense (from the cartoon Spiderman, you get this feeling that something is about to happen)

So the intuitive skills get perfected with practice, experience and most of all, being wide open to be able to receive information during your facilitation.

Because I am aware that all the answer are within the group, I become a better facilitator every time I present a drum circle.

4. Evaluate where you are in developing a professional Rhythm event facilitation career using the “Career Development” Triplicity.

I feel I have been learning, experiencing, sharing, experimenting and developing a lot since I founded my drum circle company Baratanga in 2008. A lot of "learning opportunities", a lot of "surprises" good or not so good but if you always keep at the center of your career development your core values, your vision, your mission and ethics, you can only move forward.

"The more you learn the less you know" my first percussion teacher Jean Archambault was telling to make us not feel we had reach our goal. There is so much music to share, people to empower, kids to help discover the joy of music, community to build and good to be shared.

My personal vision for my development is to never take anything for granted, to continue learning, to help others in need, to find new ways to develop community and to respect what I have learned from other mentors, facilitators, teachers and friends.