Pau Gimeno

Pau Gimeno

My first connection with drumcircles was on my final essay about the subject of music pedagogy when I was finishing my degree in the Superior Conservatoire of Barcelona in Classical Percussion. The subject of this essay was the approach of Arthur Hull to the concepts and techniques of Drum Circles mostly taken from his book “Drum Circle Spirit.”

At the final stage of my training as a Percussionist I became interested in Music Therapy and how music, and specifically Rhythm, is a contribution to the development of Human potential. After enrolling an MA in Music therapy my focus of practice population’s been persons that face severe psychiatric disorders. The use of Drum Cricles as a Technique has increased my interest because of Its social affordances and the fostering of positive emotions linked to the practice.

By now I’m working part time as a Music Therapist in mental health placements and Intensive Care Units. I try to be involved in as much facilitation opportunities available to me, running my own project Musica Circular BCN, I’m a Remo endorsed facilitator and working as a professor of percussion, as a professor of Instrumental ensembles in the faculty of Education of University of Barcelona and in the MA of music therapy. I’m working on my Phd dissertation on the subject of community music therapy and the recovery approach on Mental Health.

Pau's Story

I've found in the figure of a Drum Circle Facilitator a spot where music in use for the service to the community find a perfect path to develop. In the moment music is the perfect place to nurture human potential with individuals or groups. Working on the learnings that I've got in my training with Arthur Hull has made me feel oriented to create working rhythmical opportunities offerd to different populations. Educating in a natural way, creating opportunities for build connections and using rhythm as a healing resource have evolved from an interest to a commitment to use facilitation as a social activism approach to music in my life. The compromise is not just with populations that I can serve but also to support a community of facilitators based in Spain. I love to encourage to continue with the mission that we get at every training we attend or every time we meet as facilitators. The possibility of serving in those ways is the reason why I love the word facilitator and work on all my potential to bring a better service to our moment. Music has in It so many affordances that can be appropiated through the work of facilitators, this is the resason that inspires me every time I have the opportunity to enter the circle.