Nancy Brauhn-Curnes

Nancy Brauhn-Curnes  Fort Collins, CO USA

Location: Fort Collins, CO USA

Village Music Circle Training & Other Facilitation Experiences:

July 2015: Hawaiian Playshop 10-day Mentor Facilitation training

July 2014: Hawaiian Playshop, 6-day Facilitation training

March 2014: RAP Playshop,
West Hollywood CA

April 2011: 3-day Playshop, Red Feathers, CO

February 2011: 3-day Playshop, West Hollywood, CA

Nancy Brauhn-Curnes

shares her deep passion for drumming with persons of all ages and abilities. Under the umbrella of Nancyʼs business, Djembe Jive, she generates programs at schools, teaches classes, performs, provides drumming activities for special events and facilitates a monthly community drum circle.

She brings with her over 38 yearsʼ experience of teaching special education and a background in theatre and dance. She founded Drum Roll, the all-school drumming enrichment program in 2010. What began at Laurel Elementary in Fort Collins, Colorado, as a way to integrate her students with severe needs with their general education peers, quickly became a weekly program. She transformed her passion from an idea to a viable school program for all students-including those with special needs-that can be implemented at any school. In the following year, she began teaching drumming outside the classroom.

Nancy offers beginning to intermediate instruction for children, youth or adults in classes, workshops or retreats. She also offers classes for adults with special needs. Using word phrases, Nancy teaches the basic strikes and three to four part rhythms through interactive and enthusiastic instruction. As students acquire the rhythms, she facilitates the change from student to drummer. From this, Nancy added performance to Djembe Jiveʼs activities. Nancy and her students perform at community, charity and organizational events.

She also performs with Gregg Hansenʼs Djembe Orchestra and is a select member of Gregg Hansenʼs drumming group, The Grateful Drum. In 2014, the Loveland Community Drum Circle organizers asked her to take over the organizational and facilitation responsibilities of the monthly drum circle. She has grown the circle from ten attendees to an average of fifty and more attendees per month. She began studying drumming in 2010.

She was certified in the Beat the Odds UCLA program in 2014. She currently studies Djembe with Gregg Hansen, King Salim Ajanku of Longmont, Colorado and Brazilian drumming with Francisco Marques of Boulder, Colorado. Nancy has completed five Facilitator programs with Arthur Hull of the Village Music Circle since 2011 including a Hawaii Playshop Intensive program in 2014 and a Hawaii Playshop Mentor program in 2015. She has integrated these techniques into all of her drumming activities.

Nancy generates a powerful, focused connection to rhythm and hand drumming. For each drumming event, she awakens new attendees to the joy and benefits of drumming. And for returning attendees, she sustains their wakening and enthusiasm for drumming.


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