Karou Sasaki

Karou Sasaki

Since she was three, she studied Japanese Kabuki dance to receive an expert’s license after 15 years of training. As an adult, she started to study drum and dance with many renowned teachers intensively.

Her passion is also environmental/human rights issues and the concept of drum circle matched her values to create a more harmonious society, close or far. Kaoru established DRUMAGIK in 2003 to offer drum circles, promote the DC movement, invite Arthur for trainings, and mentoring the dcf community in Japan.

She has facilitated dcs in major events including Special Olympics Winter Game Closing Reception, Parkinson’s Conference (Washington D.C.), World Expo Earth Day in Aichi, Symposium by Dr. Hanser (President, World Music Therapy Federation) and many others.

She now also combines several areas as NLP, Process Work, Playback Theater,  Hospital Clown and so on with drum circle and tries to offer drum circles in a even deeper way.