Myounghun “Song”

Myounghun "Song"

is based in Seoul of South Korea. He is a music therapist at the community welfare center for the disabled children and the youth. And he is founder and president of the Korea Drum Circles Research Society (KDRS).

The KDRS was launched in 2008 to provide a foundation for developing and promoting Drum Circles that is suitable to the cultural characteristics of Korea. The KDRS focuses on 'Harmony and Dynamic' to respect cultural values of Korea and other countries, and provides the venue for reaching harmony among multiple social members. The organization uses 'joyful communication' as a part of its musical program to encourage interaction among people and to promote to encourage interaction among people and promote a healthy mentality that is necessary for family life, schools, companies, and communal environments. The program also helps people to relieve stress and develop techniques to express themselves. Currently, the KDRS consists of people working in various areas including music therapy, music teaching, psychological consultancy, social work, and percussions to offer systematic educational programs to introduce and apply drum circle in many different areas. Moreover, they provide various opportunities of activities.

He is a drummer and percussionist in Korean rock band. "Stop Crackdown" is one of them and the band consists of migrant workers from multiple countries including Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia, engaging in various activities for migrants' human rights. The band is delivering the message of protecting human rights of migrant workers and conciliation with Korean society. Furthermore, He organizes various drum circle events regularly for communication between Koreans and migrants.