Aden Firdaus Jam’an

Aden Firdaus Jam'an drumming

Location: Singapore
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Village Music Circles Training

2022 - 10 days Hawaii Mentor Experience

2019 - 4 days Advance and Intensive weekend Facilitators' training Playshop Malaysia

2016 - 6 days Hawaii Facilitators' Professional Development Playshop

2015 - 3 days intensive weekend Facilitators' training Playshop Singapore

2013 - 4 days Facilitators Challenge training Playshop Singapore

2012 - 4 days Advance Intensive weekend Facilitators' training Playshop Malaysia

2011 - 4 days Advance Intensive weekend Facilitators' training Playshop Singapore

2011 - Rhythm Alchemy Playshop Singapore

2010 - Corporate Rhythm Alchemy Playshop Malaysia

2008 - 3 days Basic Training Facilitators' training Playshop Singapore

2006 - 3 days Basic Training Facilitators' training Playshop Singapore

Aden Firdaus Jam'an

Aden is a pivotal figure at OneHeartBeat Pte Ltd (OHB), serving as its Head of Artistic Affairs as well as an Artiste Facilitator.

Aden’s journey in music commenced in secondary school as a percussionist in the school military band. With almost three decades of experience, he achieved notable milestones including ABRSM Grade 6 in percussion music, Grade 5 in music theory, and Trinity Guildhall drum kit examinations.

Since 2007 at OHB, Aden relentlessly pursuit to enhance his proficiency in music-making and pedagogy. He has undergone rigorous training under distinguished mentors such as

  • Arthur Hull (Village Music Circle),
  • Christine Steven (Remo Health Rhythm and Rhythm for Healing),
  • Kalani Das (Developmental Community Music),
  • Simon Faulkner (Rhythm2Recovery),
  • Mamady Keita (Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy), and
  • Susie Davis & Sarah Brooke (Australia National Council of Orff Schulwerks).

In 2023, Aden attained the prestigious Advanced Certificate in Learning (ACLP) and Performance certification.

Aden has led as Head Artiste Facilitator in OHB for numerous programs tailored to diverse demographics, including youth, individuals with special needs, at-risk youth, elderly communities, corporate teams, and public events. Additionally, Aden is an accomplished performing artiste with a notable presence on both local and international stages. He has showcased his talents at renowned festivals such as the Bell Harbour Summer Festival (Ireland) and the Buoyeong and Pungmul Festival (South Korea). Through these experiences, Aden has expanded his musical repertoire, mastering various indigenous instruments including the ukulele, native American flute and Irish bodhran.

For a holistic development of an artistic professional, Aden recognizes the importance and necessity of academic credentials in addition to artistic training. In 2014, he graduated with a degree in Business from the University Singapore Institute of Management (UniSIM).

Head of Artistic Affairs, OneHeartBeat Pte Ltd
Certified ACLP
REMO HealthRhythm Facilitator
Certified Rhythm for Healing Facilitator
Artiste Facilitator/ Drum Circle Facilitator/ Musician

Aden's Story

My first introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation (DCF) was in 2006 in Singapore.

Back then nothing make sense to me except knowing how to stop and start the drum circle.

2008 things start to fall in place for me with regards to DCF and Community Drum Circle (CDC) philosophy and methodology. Over the 17years of attending many weekend VMC Playshop from local, Asia and international Playshop, then I start to dig in deeper into the iceberg to get my ‘butt kicked’ every time. And you know from who?...

See the list on the upper left of this page for some of the Village Music Circle Playshops I’ve attended.

Each Playshop I’ve learned something new and especially when I attended the Mentor 10days Playshop Hawaii in 2022. I realised it’s a never-ending learning process. A pilgrimage for me for rhythm centric community building facilitating human potential to its maximum. Each playshop is unique and enlightening. It’s like a child going thru baptism. Feeling new and fresh after each playshop.

This certification as a certified VMC facilitator came in when I was attending the introduction playshop for DCF in Subang, Malaysia in 2023. The intention was to have a quick get away from the hustle of life back home to somewhere else and of course catch up with friends abroad. Long story short, the VMC trainer conducting, John and Rhon, found out that Im not a certified VMC facilitator. Immediately Rhon highly encourage me then to quickly and get my certification done as she mentioned that I’m more than qualified for the certification. Well, she even gave me a timeline of 6month to do it.

I was super hesitant about it initially as I know I’m not any near for the certification. But after talking to Rhon and the other of my colleagues from OneHeartBeat they highly recommend me doing it. One of the factors that got me into submitting this certification is ‘TRUST’ from the people around me. Just like TRUST triplicity, the people around me whom I’ve worked with for so many years honestly suggest that I’m qualified for the certification as I’ve been doing it and its never about myself but for the love of music and mankind.

In March 2024, Arthur Hull receive - review - and approve of my VMC Drum Circle Facilitators Certification. Now its time for another journey with this new accreditation given. May HE make it at ease. Ameen

Thank You so much Arthur for believing in me.